Author: Candice Scatliff

As promised, here is one of the many stories of the international work going on at SonSet Solutions (where we work, on loan from Reach Beyond). This article was originally written by our colleague Barb Anderson. We think it’s really cool work, that we get to be involved in too. We’ve updated it a bit […]
The past few years have been full of house projects – renovations, long-term house guests, flooded basement… But we’ve got a new kind of project going on now. We’ll be expanding our home by two feet! Scatliff #5! (Image from Yes, Scatliff #5 will be joining our team the beginning of December. We are […]
April has flown by! We spent the month attending a homeschooling conference in Cincinnati, OH, presenting at Ontario Christian Gleaners’ fundraising dinner in Cambridge, ON, and undergoing an interview with a missions committee in Baraboo, WI. We are thankful that our boys travel well, as we spent many hours in the car. Now, as we […]
Before… And after. At 4:40 am, while we blissfully slept, the power went out. Without power, our valiant sump-pump stopped. This is the same sump-pump that had been keeping our basement dry during the record-breaking snow and rain accumulation in the Midwest. And while we rested, the basement filled with a few inches of water. […]
We are home! We arrived home mid-February and are busy getting back to life in Elkhart. While we were away some exciting advances were made on the SonSetLinkTM remote monitoring system. Tom is part of the engineering team behind this system and one of his colleagues, Cody, and his wife, Emily, travelled to Kenya in January […]
Yes, we are still in Canada finishing up an eight-week tour of updating churches and supporters. We’ve spent most of this time in the Manitoba area, but the last two weeks we’ve ventured west across Canada spending time with people in Alberta and British Columbia. We are now on our way back to Manitoba and […]
As I scroll back on my phone through the photos of this past year, I’m in awe at what has all taken place. Here’s a recap of it for each of us and our ministries: Matthew – Newly-minted four-year-old Matthew spends his days trying to keep up with his big brother. Not wanting to be […]
  Family photo op in front of NASA’s “Rocket Garden”. (Like our homemade t-shirts?) 5, 4, 3, 2… Never mind. After a whirlwind of speaking engagements and project deadlines at the office earlier this month the family drove to Louisville, Kentucky to partake in the Global Missions Health Conference. This conference is an annual event that […]
Our household of ten is starting to get settled – thank you to those who sent words of encouragement! Mid-September we traveled to Ontario, Canada to attend Reach Beyond Canada’s 50th anniversary celebration. The week was spent attending training sessions, getting to know our fellow Canadian missionaries who serve in various countries, and hearing about […]
The change of season at the end of August has always been a time of transition, new beginnings, and excitement: Starting a new grade, taking off to university… Getting married! This fall Tom and I will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary with yet another new beginning. October 2007 After hosting dozens of family members, […]