A change of season. Scatliff Newsletter August 2017

The change of season at the end of August has always been a time of transition, new beginnings, and excitement: Starting a new grade, taking off to university… Getting married! This fall Tom and I will be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary with yet another new beginning.

October 2007

After hosting dozens of family members, friends, interns, and yes, sometimes even strangers in our home over the past three years we are now embarking on a new adventure. On August 31st a family of six (a husband and wife, along with their four young children) will be joining us in our home for the next few months. The reasons for the move are many, but above all else we feel blessed that God has provided us a home and look forward to sharing it full-time with others. We don’t expect the transition to be easy, but we do feel that it is right. We would appreciate prayers for this merger of lives, especially during the initial transition period. Oh, and for some sort of calm. There will be six children age six and under living in the same house. I think this is going to be really great for my prayer life.  

The Scatliff Homeschool Academy is back up and running. Jonathan is now in Grade 1 and Matthew begins Pre K this year. We are still very much enjoying homeschooling and the flexibility in schedule it provides; a lot of travel has been planned for the fall.

Jonathan’s first day in the
Scatliff Homeschool Academy’s
Grade 1 class.

In September we will be attending Reach Beyond Canada’s 50th anniversary celebration hosted in Mississauga, Ontario. It will be a time of connecting with our missionary colleagues (coming in for the celebration from all over the world!), receiving training and counseling, and spending time with the team in our sending office.

At the office at home here in Elkhart, Tom continues his work on firmware for the new version of the SonSet® radio and has shifted some of his time again to Radio Lumiere, a Christian radio station in Port Au Prince, Haiti (the one he visited for a few weeks last winter). He is engineering wireless sensors for tracking ambient temperature and voltage coming in to the station from generator and city power supplies. One of the station’s computer servers is frequently crashing and he’s trying to determine the cause. Perhaps a pattern between ambient temperature, voltage, and server faults will emerge and point to a solution to this problem.

I (Candice) continue to be a consultant to the Nutrition HELP feeding program in Congo and have a number of speaking engagements booked throughout the fall. While we are in Ontario in September I will present a report on the feeding program in Congo to Ontario Christian Gleaners, the organization that provided the dehydrated produce for the program.  I am also scheduled as a guest speaker at two women’s ministry group gatherings in November (something similar to the Ladies Rally I spoke at in Manitoba last spring).  Although I can’t say public speaking is my favorite, I do appreciate the opportunity to share God’s story of what He has done in my life. This past August 9th, I celebrated my 11th anniversary as a sister in Christ.

We appreciate you and all you do to keep us in ministry. We hope you, too, are looking forward to some new beginnings this fall.