About Us

Tom and Candice are full-time Canadian missionaries with Global Outreach Mission. They are based in Elkhart, Indiana, serving at SonSet Solutions (a partner ministry).


Tom, an engineer by trade, has been interested in radio since he was a young boy and has always had a passion to use his skills to better the lives of others. Tom works with the engineering team to develop technology that is used to bring the Gospel to people around the world. He is also a key player in the community development projects, helping bring fresh water to communities in need.


Candice, a nutritionist with a master’s degree in international nutrition in low resource communities, finds great joy in using her knowledge to improve the health of those in need. Candice is a community health consultant, helping ministries in a variety of countries both where they are in the field, and from the office in the US.

Jonathan is 10 years old. He has “the knack” — and will likely follow in his father’s footsteps.

Matthew, at 7, is the wildcard of the family. He lives large, loves life, feels all the “feels”, and can make friends like nobody’s business.

William is the newest addition to the team, joining us in late 2018.