Getting our dose of Vitamin “Eh!”

Yes, we are still in Canada finishing up an eight-week tour of updating churches and supporters. We’ve spent most of this time in the Manitoba area, but the last two weeks we’ve ventured west across Canada spending time with people in Alberta and British Columbia. We are now on our way back to Manitoba and encountered our first real Canadian winter storm of the trip.  We are thankful the weather has cooperated up until this point! Tonight we will wait out the storm in a hotel until we can get back on the road and continue on to Manitoba.
The snow forced a “timeout” in our travel plans. 60+ km/h winds are no fun!
This coming Sunday, our last Sunday on home mission assignment, will be spent speaking at a new (to us) church in Brandon, Manitoba, sharing our story with an adult Sunday school group. On Tuesday, February 6th, Candice will be sharing with the women’s Coffee Connection group at WEFC, a church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We will depart for Indiana on the 7th. Between now and our departure we will continue to meet with supporters and friends.
Last time we visited our supporters in BC vs. now!
This journey has been one of incredible blessing: Not only have we had the honor to share what the Lord has done, but we’ve also been encouraged and loved on. I must admit being on the road for so long has its challenges, and the kids are ready to head home, but our prayer is that we will finish well during these last few days.

In Him,
Tom and Candice and the boys