bitter sweet

daddys first day

Waving Goodbye to Daddy

This is the day we’ve longed for, worked towards, prayed about, and dreamt of.

It was a bitter sweet moment this morning when we all kissed daddy goodbye. We have had the incredible blessing of us four being together most days for most of the day since Matthew came barreling into this world late October. Thanks to Quebec’s wonderful parental leave, we were graced with months to support raise, pack up, relocate, and settle(?) in before this day arrived. This day; when Tom returned to working full-time outside the home. But thanks to God’s provision through awesome peoples’ support, he got the chance of a lifetime. To go to work at his dream job. Using his skills to improve the lives of others.

So although I miss him being with us, I couldn’t possibly have more joy about where he is. And I look forward to doing the same, when our family situation (and stress levels) allow.