it’s 12:52am, my phone is buzzing frantically

I open my eyes. Flashes of light fill the room.

Rousing from sleep I’m confused why it’s my phone buzzing that woke me at such an hour and not the kids.

Curious, I flip it over:

Tornado warning in this area for 1:00am.Take cover now. Check local media.


It’s 12:52am. I jolt out of bed, all of a sudden taking notice of a siren that’s screaming outside.

Flashes of lighting illuminate the house. Thunder rolls. I wake up Tom. We scoop up the kids and head to the bedroom in the basement. Jonathan thinks its fun that we are all cuddled in a bed together. He promptly falls back asleep. We previously convinced him that thunder’s purpose is to help people sleep.

The storm arrives in full swing right on time. Phone buzzes: Warning extended until 1:30am.

The storm that ensued had even this prairie girl a bit nervous.

And just as it arrived on time, so did it subside. At 1:30am, all was calm again.

Welcome to summer in Indiana.