stream of consciousness

It’s almost been two weeks since we’ve arrived in Elkhart. For the time being (and the foreseeable future) we are staying with a friend who has graciously taken in us four (noisy, sticky, mess-making) Scatliffs. Our days have been filled with administrative stuff (obtaining social security numbers, applying for new insurances, establishing a new banking systems, etc), searching for a new-to-us vehicle, and, now, hunting for a home. We quickly learned that renting isn’t a great option. Considering what is available (and for the cost!) compared to the depressed housing market (mortgages are actually less than rent) is just makes sense to buy. Now finding a suitable one, that’s been the trick.

And let me tell you, I am so ready to be ‘home’. Being in transition since Matthew was about six weeks old has taken it’s toll. I’m tired. I want to go home now. But we don’t have one. What we do have, thankfully, are some amazing friends who have offered for us to live in their homes until we find ours. It’s amazing how The Lord provides, no matter where we are.

Tom starts at the Technology Center this Thursday and he couldn’t be more eager to get down to work. He is slated to work on a water project that he’s been looking forward to for quite some time. In all honesty it’s surreal that we are actually here. We’ve dreamed about it and have been working towards it and praying about it for so long that it’s nearly unbelievable that we are indeed here now. But now that we are here I’m anxious for the dust to settle and for us to find our community. I very much miss our friends and church family in Canada.

Well ain’t this post all over the place… I guess that’s what you get with nights full of a screaming teething baby and a toddler that has repeatedly fallen out of bed.

This too shall pass, right? Riiiiiight?

If you are the praying type, please join us in petition God for our housing situation to be resolved.