Container for Congo

A few week after starting at the Technology Center, a container full of radio transmitter parts, hospital equipment, and relief supplies was sent to a rural hospital in Congo.

I was at work the day we prayed it off. Praying for its safe journey across the ocean, prayed for its clearance through African customs, and prayed for its ultimate arrival at Christian Pioneer Hospital.

A colleague turned to me, on our way back to our offices, and said ‘You will never forget this day. Your first send off… The realization of how international this organization is and how far of a reach our work here has.’

Months later, we received word that that container did indeed cross the ocean safely, cleared African customs, and arrived at Christian Pioneer Hospital.


Little did I know then that I would be part of a four person team sent to rendezvous with that container. Two colleagues to set up a permanent transmitter tower (from parts in that container), one to capture stories of our and Christian Pioneer Hospital’s work, and myself, to assist and provide consult on nutrition-related concerns that the hospital and local people face.

Indeed our organization is very much international. Our work, when combined with those of our supporters, prayer partners, and colleagues, goes far. Being part of God’s incredible plan and amazing family is an honor.