If you are the praying type… UPDATED

Three colleagues and I are set to travel to Impfondo, Congo to serve at an rural hospital in January. We leave in just over two weeks.


The plans are set, the vaccines have been injected, the plane tickets are purchased… But we are still waiting on visas…

Our paperwork is with the Congolese Embassy in Washington, D. C. ¬†We have already surpassed the usual turn around time, but are suspecting that the holidays are slowing the process down. For me, as a temporary resident of the US, I’m kind of uncomfortable not having my passport in my possession (for example if there was an immediate need to return to Canada for some unforeseen reason, I couldn’t go). But not only would I like that passport back, but with a visa to the Congo in it as well! If you be the praying type, please join us in praying for the quick return of my passport and, Lord willing, provision of a visa for Congo!

UPDATE (December 30, 2015) Passport and visa received!!!!! THANK YOU for praying!

congo flag