On November 28th I joined an awesome team of ten individuals and traveled to Cap Haitien, Haiti.



We served at a partner ministry, Kids Alive International, which is an orphanage for at-risk children in a poverty stricken area of Haiti. Most of the children in their care were orphaned in the January 2010 earthquake.


While there, each of our ten-person team put their personal passions and expertise to work.

We had six men with construction backgrounds. These men spent an entire week tying rebar, running electrical and plumbing, and tending to odd-jobs that needed work around the Kids Alive compound. With servants hearts and a strong work ethic, these men got more done in a week than I ever dreamed possible.


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A colleague of mine at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions) is a nurse. She and her daughter ran a health clinic to assess all the children and house parents for visual acuity and overall health.


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I spent most the week running nutrition and health workshops for the orphanage’s house moms (each mom runs a household that includes 10-12 orphans plus their own biological family), the school teachers, cooks, and the independent girls (those transitioning from living at the orphanage to living in the community as adults).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to encourage and support women who pour their hearts and lives into the children of Kids Alive. During the nutrition and health workshops we shared, we learned, we encouraged each other, we laughed, and we built relationships. I am forever moved by the courage of these women who have such great responsibility. It was a privileged to support them in this way. May the Lord protect them and keep them!


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After nine days in Haiti, I left inspired, overwhelmed, encouraged, defeated, uplifted, and humbled. Haiti is a country with deep spiritual deceptions and health problems, but it is also a country of passionate and hard working people who want to be part of the solution.

Thank you so much to everyone who support us in prayer and finances. Without you I couldn’t do such work with these incredible people. Please know that your investments in our ministries make all the difference. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart!


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