October (and now nearly November, too!) in review

The month of October was a busy one for the Scatliff household. We spend the beautiful fall days settling in to our home, celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and Matthew’s first birthday. This season is one of joy and much excitement for us.
For Tom, this is also a season of fruition on the ministry front. The water-pump monitoring project that he spends much of his time developing is now also in action in Africa. Two trips to Africa were undertaken by members of the community development fresh-water team that Tom works on. Pump monitoring systems are now on numerous water wells (installed by a partner organization on the same trips). Tom glows with joy as he receives data from these pumps working in communities that have fresh water for the first time. As a colleague describes it: Fresh water can transform a community. Technology ensures it stays that way. It is amazing what can be achieved when Godly workers put their heads together for a greater purpose!
At the beginning of November I had the privilege of attending a Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. About a 5 hours drive (turned 7, due to construction) down the road the conference was both an inspiring boost to my ministry at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions) and a wonderful get-away for the family. We are now in full-on preparation mode for my trip to Haiti later this week. My heart aches at the thought of being away from the boys for 9 days, but our goal in going – to better the lives of children without parents – helps keep things in perspective.
Thank you for supporting us in the work we do. Without you, we simply would not be here and these things would not be happening!