We are home — but not for long! Scatliff Newsletter Spring 2014

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This past December we left Montreal with a six-week old and a two-year old and headed west; yearning to find the rest of our support team and determined to make the most of the time we had. While on the road we spoke at numerous churches, presented at small groups, met with families, and followed up with any lead possible. We returned to Montreal last week with a near six-month old and three-year old.  The time away full-time support raising was exhausting and exhilarating. I’m thrilled to announce that the Lord provided!

Although we are still desperately in need of monthly supporters, we have been given the go-ahead to depart for our field of service - Elkhart, Indiana – for this coming June!! Can I get a woot woot!?!

We go in faith that the Lord will continue to provide the remaining funds we need. Please continue to pray with us and if you are interested in joining our support team, please click here to download our “Partner With Us” form or visit our website (candiceandtom.com) and click on the “Get Involved” link in the menu at the top.

And so, we are getting ready! Tom has handed in his resignation at his Montreal day job, and is eagerly looking forward to joining the engineering team at the Tech Center. He can’t wait to sink his teeth into radio design and community development projects. I’m looking forward to settling the family (finally!), finding us a home, and putting my knowledge of nutrition to work for those in need.

Although we are eager to get there (and by God’s grace, it’s time to go!), there is a lot that needs to happen between now and then:

  1. We want to meet with all of our (prayer and financial) supporters in Montreal before we leave, to celebrate this together!
  2. We need to follow-up with our supporters who wanted to start their financial support when we headed to the field. Well, that time is now!
  3. We need to obtain work visas for the United States. This process is under way. May the Lord provide in his perfect timing.
  4. We need to pack up our home and get ready to depart. Anyone want to help?!

Please join us in prayer that all will work out according to His will.

Let’s do this thing!

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I’m done! (… In a good way.)

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Quit my job today.

I've been looking forward to this day for a long time.

And, the thing is, I really liked that job.

Quitting my job means that I'm finally ready to follow what I feel is God's call on my life... Joining in the technological ministry of the HCJB Global Technology Center in Elkhart, IN.

We got confirmation for a June 2nd start date about 10 days ago, and we've been buzzing ever since! We're going on faith that the rest of the support we need will come through, but we're so close that we feel that God has confirmed our calling -- and if God is indeed calling, the support will come, that we can just go on faith.

So we still need, really really need, a few more monthly supporters, and we have to trust the Spirit to do whatever work He has planned in whatever hearts He has picked out in whatever timeline He intends. But we know we are in not just good hands, but THE BEST hands!

So I'm glad to be done, glad to have finally quit. It's been great work, but I can't wait to sink my teeth into the work God has in store for me next!

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Time to Rally the Troops!

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This is it. The time is now!!

We are going - Lord willing and Lord providing - June 2nd, 2014.

That's 58 (broken) sleeps from now.

And between now and then we need miracles. Lots of them. But if there's anything we've learned in this process, it's that waiting on miracles is an awesome place to be.

  • --> At a minimum, we need $600/month more pledged by the end of this month.
  • --> We need the visas to be processed... And accepted!
  • --> We need to return to Montreal and pack up our home
  • --> We need to visit the states mid-May to attend a fund raising banquet, to then return and leave our home, permanently


If there was ever a time we needed you, it's now. We are in need of much, much prayer to have these miracles come through and for us to survive the next 58 sleeps (and beyond!) to reach our field of service. Because this is it, the time is NOW!

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Calling all Prayer warriors… We need you now!

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As we round the corner to the end of our time here in Manitoba, we are facing a few (mega) things and a few (mega) decisions need to be made. It feels a lot like a storm, with so many things swirling around: funding percentages and a start date, and everything that those affect (giving notice at work, giving notice to our landlord, officially applying for the visas, packing up our home in Montreal, etc etc etc).

We need an absolute minimum of $600/month more pledged before we can head out. And all of the above hinges on finding that. And finding that, really needs a lot of prayer.

We are speaking at a church this Sunday (April 6), to two missions committees next week, and at another church next Sunday (April 13). And then our time here in Manitoba is done. We are waiting on miracles. Anxiously waiting on miracles. Would you please join us in prayer that the Lord will provide, in His perfect timing?!

praise you in this storm

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