Calling all Prayer warriors… We need you now!

As we round the corner to the end of our time here in Manitoba, we are facing a few (mega) things and a few (mega) decisions need to be made. It feels a lot like a storm, with so many things swirling around: funding percentages and a start date, and everything that those affect (giving notice at work, giving notice to our landlord, officially applying for the visas, packing up our home in Montreal, etc etc etc).

We need an absolute minimum of $600/month more pledged before we can head out. And all of the above hinges on finding that. And finding that, really needs a lot of prayer.

We are speaking at a church this Sunday (April 6), to two missions committees next week, and at another church next Sunday (April 13). And then our time here in Manitoba is done. We are waiting on miracles. Anxiously waiting on miracles. Would you please join us in prayer that the Lord will provide, in His perfect timing?!

praise you in this storm