Spring 2013

Not sure about your house, but ours is welcoming spring with open arms! Time to wipe the dust off the shoes and get back outside!

Inline image 1What else are we welcoming with open arms? Reaching 50% of our required monthly funding. That’s right – we are half way there! To celebrate (and rejuvenate) we are planning a trip to Elkhart, Indiana to visit the team currently on the ground and gain a greater appreciation for what life will be like when we reach our 100% goal (God willing, in 2013). For those of you just joining our newsletter list (welcome!) here’s a recap: my husband Tom, an engineer by trade and radio enthusiast by heart, and I, a nutritionist, are teaming up with HCJB Global, an international mission organization that serves throughout the globe via media and healthcare ministries. We will be based in Elkhart, IN at the Technology Center.  We are currently in the support raising stage, needing to reach 100% of our monthly needs pledged before being able to leave for the field.

Support raising has been challenging, to be sure, but also very wonderful. We have been stretched outside our comfort zone countless times… And met so many amazing people and gained numerous friends. You can read about the process, prayer requests, and progress on our blog: candiceandtom.com.  Stay tuned, we are revamping thInline image 2e place and will have a new site up and running soon!

To help us climb the second 50%, we are currently seeking advocates.
What’s an advocate? People who are willing to advocate on our behalf by telling others about our ministry, or hosting a small gathering at their house. We have nearly exhausted our own network, and now are relying on that of others to reach those who God has destined for our sending team. Prayerfully consider:
Would you be willing to advocate for us?

Big news on the home front: Our son Jonathan turned 2 earlier this month. He is blossoming into such a kind little boy. He has his moments (don’t we all?), but I’m so proud of the little peanut he’s turning into.

When you have a minute, we’d love to hear from you.


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