One of the Technology Center’s roles in community development in Africa


Photo Credit: Stephen Peacock, Manufacturing Manager, conducting field testing in the Central African Republic


The Technology Center in Elkhart, IN has partnered with ICDI (Integrated Community Development International) since 2003 in support of Christian radio broadcasting in the Central African Republic. The Technology Center has also helped establish satellite-based Internet connectivity for their well drilling operation that has provided access to clean water for numerous villages throughout the Central African Republic. 

Drilling wells is a very difficult and expensive job. Supplies for the wells must be shipped more than a thousand miles overland on mostly unpaved roads.  In most of the country, the wells must be drilled through hard granite or shale before finding pure drinking water.  The average depth of the wells is 180 feet, but some wells reach depths of over 450 feet.  The Technology Center Machine Shop has designing a new gearbox for the pumps, in addition to making spare shafts for the existing pumps.

It is projects such as these that we are most excited about being a part of. We are anxious to get to Elkhart, and get to work!