Month: September 2012

An awesome video highlighting what goes down at HCJB Global’s Technology Center (where we will be stationed). (Source:
To say the least, waiting for miracles to happen is a fascinating place to be. Because, without a doubt, we are relying on miracles to get our funding in place to reach the mission field.  And just when I start to get a bit discouraged, something like this happens: It was Sunday morning, just after […]
We’re having some issues with this website… Please know that we DO NOT receive e-mails submitted via the widget on the right hand side. Sorry! Until our upcoming renos are complete, e-mail us at candice.and.tom at gmail dot com 🙂 Also, Manitoba went swimmingly well. We spoke at one church, made contact with two others, […]
We’ve spent the past week in Dauphin, my (Candice’s) hometown. It was  great spending time with my family and helping with harvest on my parents’ grain farm.  Not only did we get to help with harvest (city boy on the combine!), but also met with a few families and let them know about our ministry. […]
Currently we are visiting family and friends in Manitoba. Such an enjoyable time. We are so thankful we get to visit for a few weeks!!