Miracles Happen

To say the least, waiting for miracles to happen is a fascinating place to be. Because, without a doubt, we are relying on miracles to get our funding in place to reach the mission field. 

And just when I start to get a bit discouraged, something like this happens:

It was Sunday morning, just after the church service.  Tom was setting up coffee outside when a woman from our congregation approached him. She told him it had been laid on her heart to support us financially, but because she didn’t have any money to do so, she went through her jewellery box and picked out the gold, which she subsequently sold and used the proceeds to support us. And she handed him a cheque.

That ^, is a miracle. And that, is exactly what I needed this past week to keep going, keep trudging forward and walking through doors He has opened, for you never know what’s on the other side.