Big changes for things to stay a lot the same.

The center where we serve in Elkhart, Indiana, has been granted wings to become an independent non-profit organization called SonSet Solutions!!
Exert of the press release of Reach Beyond:

(Sept. 29, 2014 – by Ty Mays)  The board of trustees of Reach Beyond announced Thursday, Sept. 25, that the HCJB Global Technology Center, the ministry’s technology division based in Elkhart, Indiana, will become an independent, nonprofit entity called SonSet Solutions. The move allows the center to pursue new ministry opportunities while continuing to serve the technology needs of Reach Beyond.

For nearly 30 years, SonSet Solutions (formerly HCJB Global Technology Center) has been a ministry of Reach Beyond, providing radio technology, broadcast equipment and other engineering services to help spread the gospel to unreached people groups worldwide. The two organizations believe the move will be mutually beneficial, multiplying the impact of both.

“As technological developments continue to emerge at a mind-boggling rate and shape the world around us, it’s more imperative than ever that Christ’s followers seize the capabilities available to us for communicating the message of new life in Jesus Christ,” explained David Russell, president and CEO of SonSet Solutions. “The move by the board of trustees of Reach Beyond will help strengthen the church and engage more believers in God’s work.”


Although this means big changes; like learning how to operate as an entire organization, not just a ministry branch of a larger one, and finding the finances to do so; for Tom and I, things will stay pretty much the same. We are still Reach Beyond Canada missionaries serving at a US non-profit. We still get to be part of the same awesome projects while doing so. Elkhart will still be our home base and we get to serve ministry partners all around the globe from here. But now get to do so in a manner that is much more efficient and responsive to our partners’ needs. And for this, we are thankful.