keepin’ on, keepin’ on

We are still here! Settling into life and getting deeper into our service opportunities here in Elkhart and at the Technology Center. We moved from one friends’ house to another this past weekend and will remain here until we secure our own place. Yes, one day we won’t be living out of suitcases! (Or so I keep telling myself). Lord willing that will be by the end of August. Possibly sooner. I’m trying my best not to get antsy, but to wait on The Lord’s perfect timing.

When we arrived in Elkhart we started ‘church shopping’ and attended Sugar Grove church as our first church here. We haven’t tried another church since! It’s great to have a community that we are getting to know and they have a great children’s program that the kids can attend each week. Having something like this as a constant in their ever-changing lives is invaluable.

My parents came to visit for a few days last week while on a road-trip vacation out east. I’m looking forward to seeing them on their return trip through. We will also be blessed with an opportunity in August to spend time with a group coming from Winnipeg Evangelical Church to camp in a nearby town. It very much helps feel like ‘home’ when people come to visit!

But for now we will keep on keeping on. Settling into our new life and adjusting to living on this side of the border. I look forward to sharing with you more details about what’s happening at the Technology Center once they become more solidified. But for now, I’ll just leave it as: God is so good!