it’s time to move it!


It’s time to take a giant leap of faith. We’ve given our landlord notice that we are out June 1st.

Yup, June 1st.

No, we don’t have our visas yet. Those will come, Lord willing, in the 3rd or 4th week of May. Considering we won’t have a home within a week of that date, THAT is where the giant in ‘giant leap of faith’ comes in. Don’t wory, I’m sure someone will take us in if it doesn’t go as we planned. Right? Riiiiiight?

Anywhoo, we are busy sorting, packing, and getting our butts in gear. Oh, and also preparing for our trip to Elkhart next week!

So, if all goes as planned, we leave Montreal on June 1st and head to Elkhart. Moving into our friend Kathy’s house until more permanent digs are found.

Praise the Lord we have a plan!

moving truck

Sooo… Who wants to come help on June 1st?