Slowly but surely, we ARE getting there!

We just received our month-end report from the Canadian head office. It’s always exciting to receive the report. It states where we are at financially and, Praise The Lord, it often contains a few financial surprises we weren’t expecting (for example, someone sent in a form for a donation that we didn’t know about and thus wasn’t previously included in our records or calculations = excellent news!).

As of this morning, we are 89.5%!!! Praise. The. Lord!!!!!

In order to head to the field, we need to have 100% of our financial needs covered for our first term (3 years). And people, we ARE getting there!! Of the 100%, currently 67.5 is pledged on-going donations (monthly or annual contributions – these are so super awesome!) and 22% is one-time gifts divided over the term of 36 months. One-time gifts are, indeed, beautiful.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We ARE getting there!