Huge gift and great challenge – CONTINUED!!!

We haven’t reached our goal yet,

but have been graciously given 2 more weeks!!!



Yes, the matching donation challenge is still on. Every bit helps, especially because it is DOUBLED. Booya! To get in on this challenge, use the ‘donate now’ button on the post below this one 🙂


In other great news, we’ve been blessed with a few more monthly sponsors this past month! We are so grateful and are  now only in need of about 27 more families/individuals/churches/groups to come on board on an on-going basis and we are headed to the mission field! People, we are getting CLOSE!


Because departure time is drawing near, we have also started the formal application process for work visas in the USA. We have an attorney helping us with this and are really relying on God to open doors and provide those much-needed visas. Prayer regarding this are very much appreciated!!