Spilling the Beans


Tomorrow we are setting up a table at our church BBQ with the theme of ‘Spilling the Beans’. We’ll be serving coffee and letting people know how they can help us reach the mission field: 

  • Spill the beans, by telling your church pastor/missions committee about us and providing them with a church info packet about our ministry. 
  • Spill the beans and spread the love by hosting a gathering of friends and family to hear about our upcoming endeavour. 
  • Spill the beans by taking a few of our brochures and handing them out to those who may be interested in the work we’ll be doing
  • Spill the beans! – and receive a gift of coffee from us as a taken of our gratitude. 


But you don’t need to be part of our church BBQ to Spill the Beans. We need EVERYONE on board to tell others about our mission. We, literally, need your help to make it the mission field. We want to go – but need to be sent!