More thoughts on our time in Elkhart

My thoughts are far less technical than Tom’s, but just as passionate.

I loved our time in Elkhart. The reality of us moving there and working at the Technology Center was so real I could taste it. There are so many cool projects underway (from water-pump design for community development projects to use of cutting-edge technology for bringing The Word to the unreached). Our roles are so obvious, how we will fit in – so apparent! – and there are projects already awaiting our arrival. Not only does it make me yearn to move and get to work, but also find the rest of our support team to make it a reality! We are desperately seeking those who share our passion of serving the under-served and reaching the lost.

We are ANXIOUS to get started – but we need YOU! We can’t just go, we need to be sent. We need you to pray for us, partner with us, and advocate for us to others on our behalf. We are willing and eager to go – please SEND US!