He’s 2.

Today, our first born turned two.

Let me introduce you to Jonathan:

Interests: He loves all things rockets, dinosaurs, and trains.

Favorite food: Sushi (relax, we only give him vegetarian sushi). He loves it so much he carries around a sushi menu just to gaze at and drool on. I’m not kidding.

Favorite past times: Playing with his train set and lego, doing puzzles, making you make things ouf of play dough, clearing out the tupperware cabinet and climbing inside to hide.

Favorite stuffed animals: Dino and Teddy. There is no sleeping without them both.

Favorite show: Mommy is pretty stingy with the screen time, but when it’s a special occasion she’ll YouTube a rocket launch and it just mesmerizes him. Everything from the announcer going through all the pre-launch data, the count down and the blast off, to the announcer checking off Machs and altitudes… It’s all so captivating to JayJay.

He is sensitive and caring with a great sense of humour. He is an observer-then-doer, meticulous, and thoughtful. He is very smart, but hasn’t yet harnessed that to be bad. If he is around people he doesn’t know, he appears to be a quiet kid… But once he relaxes, it becomes clear why we call him Parrot.

Happy 2nd birthday Jonathan! You will always be our baby XOXOXOX