Drummer boy, Knitting lady

Sometimes we feel our gifts cannot be used for the Kingdom, but I beg to differ. 

Meet ‘S’.  S is very excited about our upcoming venture, she would love to support us monthly to get us on our way, but isn’t able to do so. She was pondering to herself one day and asked the Lord ‘What can I do? How can I help?’ And according to her, He answered. An idea came flooding to her…


She is a marvelous knitter, and she loves to knit. She often receives requests for items but never wants to charge because she simply loves doing it. So this was the idea she was given: Use your gift, knitting, and support missions through it’s revenue.  Her response? “Okay God, but you need to find those who want knitted items!” 

She was appraoched by 3 different families that week. 

And an additional 2 the next. 

Within a month she had an envelope full of donations.

Along with the final project she hands her customer our brochure and explains that any payment that she gets for her knitting goes directly to supporting missions. 

She keeps getting requests for items… 

Is this not cool?! 

I’m not only blown away by her willingness to share her talents and support our ministries in such a unique way, but also by her answer when I tell her that: “Well it’s not my idea! It was God’s.”