Newletters, blogging, and meetings ~ Oh My!

We’ve been busy trying to learn and execute all it takes to successfully fund raise for a venture of this magnitude. I can’t say we’ve been super successful at it all (* cough* lack of blogging *cough* ) but we’re learning. Please bear with us!

We are so blessed to be having such a busy summer. We’ve been meeting with individuals and families to share what’s on our hearts, and are overjoyed with the number of people who have decided to join our sending team. We usually have between two and five meetings a week.

We are super excited to announce that we are honing in on having 10% of the monthly pledges required to sustain us in the field. We are SO thankful for this!! Our goal is to have 25% in place by the end of August. Please join us in prayer to see this happen!!

As for life outside of fund raising, Jonathan and I (Candice) have been taking advantage of the hot weather and all the local pools and splash parks. Jonathan loves the water and always has a blast. He’s growing and developing in leaps and bounds, I can’t believe how quickly time passes. He’s at such a fun age right now I’m trying to savor every moment of it and not let fund raising (completely) take over our lives. But sometimes that’s a tough balance to achieve.

But on that note, we’d love to meet with you and share what’s on our hearts! If you’d be interested in hearing the details of our upcoming venture we’d love to sit down for an hour and share them with you. Your house or ours, weekday evening or weekend, we can make something happen. Just let us know (the ‘send a private message to Candice and Tom’ on the top right works well for this 🙂

Enjoy the summer! We’ll be shoveling in a few short months 😉