Tom and Candice Scatliff


We’re having some issues with this website… Please know that we DO NOT receive e-mails submitted via the widget on the right hand side. Sorry! Until our upcoming renos are complete, e-mail us at candice.and.tom at gmail dot com 🙂 Also, Manitoba went swimmingly well. We spoke at one church, made contact with two others, […]
We’ve spent the past week in Dauphin, my (Candice’s) hometown. It was  great spending time with my family and helping with harvest on my parents’ grain farm.  Not only did we get to help with harvest (city boy on the combine!), but also met with a few families and let them know about our ministry. […]
Currently we are visiting family and friends in Manitoba. Such an enjoyable time. We are so thankful we get to visit for a few weeks!!
We are still here, and we are still working hard! Since our last blog post three weeks ago we’ve moved from almost 10 to almost 18% of our required monthly donations pledged! We are so incredibly thankful for this. Only 7% more needed to meet our goal of 25% by the end of August. This […]
We’ve been busy trying to learn and execute all it takes to successfully fund raise for a venture of this magnitude. I can’t say we’ve been super successful at it all (* cough* lack of blogging *cough* ) but we’re learning. Please bear with us! We are so blessed to be having such a busy […]
We get this question a lot. Here’s the short answer: Because it’s where we honestly feel the Lord is leading us.  And here’s the looooong answer: I absolutely love the story of how we’ve come to be involved with HCJB Global. It started back in February 2007, when Tom and I were dating (although only […]