Author: Tom Scatliff

UPDATE: For those of you that have been following Candice on Facebook, our littlest guy William was admitted to the state children’s hospital in Indianapolis this weekend with some perplexing lab results that indicated a serious health concern. They did a bunch of investigations over the weekend, but sent us home today! The labs still […]
God provided!  ✅ Safety, health, and traveling mercies while on the road for the past five weeks, raising support in Manitoba!  ✅ The additional funding required to start serving with Global Outreach Mission!  ✅ Great time of connection with supporters, friends, churches, and family!  ✅ Work visas (for the new organization) to continue serving in […]
Our first mission trip was to Sihanoukville, Cambodia with a herd of young adults back in 2007. On that trip I learned the Southeast Asian expression Same Same, but Different. It encapsulates perfectly international ministry.  People across cultures and continents have so much in common, yet are so very different from each other. It highlights […]
Rats run the hallways of our house at night, each morning we take malaria medication to keep disease at bay, and electricity is only available between 7:00pm-10:00pm on some days. Roosters crow at all hours the night, storms rage so powerfully they slam interior doors, and bug bites are just a given. Welcome to the […]
Leprosy, without treatment, is a terrible death sentence. Continual loss of feeling and eventual loss of limbs, lead to lethal atrophy. But what is the treatment? Believe it or not, it is as simple as a regime of antibiotics. A treatment using antibiotic medication can treat leprosy and stop the disease in its tracks. Course […]
We made it! Five flights, three continents, a five-hour time change, and a wee bit of jet lag and we are in Impfondo, Republic of Congo, settling in and getting down to work. Family photo with our temporary residence in the background. Littlest Scatliff was taking a much needed nap. My (Candice’s) primary goal during […]
We’re returning to Impfondo, in the Republic of Congo! Why? To assist Pioneer Christian Hospital, a 75-bed missionary hospital that serves a very low resource population, in a variety of ways… A virtual tour of Pioneer Christian Hospital. First, the hospital feeding program that we established while there two years ago is now entering stage […]
On New Year’s Eve we sat around the fondue pot dipping chunks of broccoli into gooey cheese and reminiscing over God’s goodness in 2018.  To be honest, the year had its challenges, but hindsight reveals how much of God’s goodness we would have missed out on had we never received the challenges to begin with. […]
Introducing William James Scatliff, born at 11:25pm on November 27, weighing 6lbs 10oz and measuring 18″ from his toe to the top of his head. Mom and baby are doing well and comfortable at home, and big brothers are super ecstatic! Thank you for your prayers and support as we celebrate this Christmas gift and […]