Author: Tom Scatliff

Let me tell you about a place we think is really awesome – Kudjip Hospital. Patients wait for treatment and encouragement at the hospital gate. (Photo credit: This hospital, nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges in rural Papua New Guinea, has served the tribal people of that nation for the past 65 […]
We all prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart! We just received work visas that allow us to continue ministry as is for another 3 years! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Tom and Candice
It has been a very interesting summer around here! We are facing a serious challenge to our ministry right now, but more on that in a bit. First I want to share a few wonderful things from this summer. We had a blast serving at Walnut Hill in Wisconsin for a week in June. Back […]
During Easter weekend, Tom woke up in a hut surrounded by mosquito netting, a rooster crowing, and howler monkeys calling. Thankfully, the bat that was flying around his room the night before was now gone. His body ached from the six-hour ride up the river in a dug-out canoe, but his heart was full. The […]
The robins are back, the maple trees are pouring out their sap, and we wake to the sound of chirping birds. Glory be to God – we’ve made it through the winter! This spring it was a family affair tapping the five maple trees in our yard. We netted over a gallon of syrup (that’s […]
“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 It’s been a tough year. Our family has experienced crushing loss, physical illness, continued separation from extended family, and large unforeseen expenses. This year we’ve walked through dark valleys, but the darkness has not overcome. The Light has shone (and […]
Hello friends! It’s been a while, I know. The regular communications have become irregular at best.   We are still hurting, but we are healing. We took some time in August, but since then we’ve been back to work and to schooling the boys and to “regular” life. God has brought so much of the […]
Thank you for praying. Candice arrived home July 7, and improved slowly but surely. We were hopeful, and on the mend. It was your prayers that held us up through that time. Then, during a routine pre-natal appointment last Friday, we heard the news that many of you have heard, and that nobody wants to […]
Rejoice with us! The sixth member of Team Scatliff is set to arrive in January.
The three men knew they were just beginning their trip as they left Pucallpa, Peru, for their flight aboard a Cessna floatplane. Once Jairo, Leonardo and Hernán, Peruvian nationals, landed at the mouth of the Nucuray River, they transferred to a “pequeque” – a motorized canoe, so named because of the sound the motor makes […]