This fall has been a whirlwind.

We welcomed our son Oliver and our hearts are overjoyed at being a family of six.

Oliver Richard Samuel Scatliff
Born: September 5, 2023

Tom wrapped up at SonSet Solutions and we are doing our best to finish well in Indiana. Our hearts are heavy, but we look forward in great anticipation of what the Lord will do.
In just a few weeks we hit the road to drive to Fort Myers, Florida. We’ve been accepted as Missionaries in Residence at the amazing ECHO Global Farm ministry where we will spend a few months in training. We will be researching, networking, and developing all things related to adaption of small scale farm implements and techniques for those with physical disabilities (for example, think gardening for those in wheelchairs).

ECHO is a Christian ministry that specializes in sustainable agriculture in the developing world.
After our time at ECHO we are headed to Spanish language school. Although Tom and I have basic Spanish from previously serving in Latin America, it’s fairly rusty and absolutely inefficient. To have an effective ministry we’ll need proficiency. We’ll begin the process with ten weeks of study at Christian Immersion Spanish Academy (CISA) in Tuis, Costa Rica. For those of you who have been partnering with us in ministry from the beginning, this name may ring a bell. Tom and I served as missionary volunteers at CISA for six months back in 2009/2010. We are excited to return, well over a decade later, as a family and introduce our kids to so many in the community who are so dear to us.
March 2010: Teaching kids to play hockey in Costa Rica.
After language school we plan to return to Indiana to sell the house and have a time of deputation in Canada before our final relocation to Guatemala to serve children with disabilities.
Please pray for our family during these upcoming transitions. We are asking a lot of our kids – to give up all they know and move to a new land, culture, language, and community. We’ll only be able to take just a few suitcases with us, so we are purging all of our stuff (and theirs). This is a great opportunity to reset and refocus on what really matters, but it is certainly an overwhelming and emotional process. Please pray that Tom and I can lead and care for their hearts well through all the transitions and challenges ahead of us.
Our boys playing with the kids at Hope for Home Ministries in Guatemala, during our visit in July.
The cost of training at ECHO and language school is covered from funds originally set aside for Papua New Guinea. Thank you again to those who gave. We desire to stop over in Guatemala on our way home from language school to scout out housing options, continue networking with ministry partners, allow our kids greater familiarity of the location and us a better understanding of what we will need to bring with us when we do our final move.  In order to do this we will need an extra $4,000. Please let me know if you would like to partner with our family and ministry in this way or simply use the links below to make a tax-deductible donation.  

We look forward to what the Lord has in store. Thank you for partnering with us.
In Christ:
Candice (and Tom and the boys)
  • Praise for the wonderful arrival of Oliver.
  • Pray for the logistics and support necessary for all of the upcoming ministry plans.
  • Pray that the Lord will navigate our hearts (all six of us!) through the transitions ahead.