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In our last newsletter (you can click here to read it) we asked you to pray… Pray about our future and about our involvement with ministries in Guatemala that serve children and families with disabilities.

We believe we have an answer to our prayers!

Walking through San Antonia Aguas Calientes, Guatemala,
during our visit in July.

The last half of verse 22 in Isaiah 60 summarizes well the last few weeks of our lives:
I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.

God has made it abundantly clear that our time at SonSet Solutions, where we have served in ministry for the past nine years, needed to come to a close. If anyone would like more details of this, we’d be happy to discuss them. But in summary — many of the projects we moved here to work on have come to completion, the summer interns have wrapped up, and it is time for us to do so as well.

It is certainly bittersweet, as we have had an amazing near-decade at that ministry. And a transition means our whole life – home, location, church, work, and daily life – will change as well.
However, we are certainly not moving out of ministry. On the contrary! We are responding to a call to go deeper, to move to a more front-line role. We desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus. To share the good news of Christ. And to serve ‘the least of these’ as viewed by Guatemalan society.
We’ve worked on a new ministry plan with MissionGO (our sending organization) and are ECSTATIC to share it with you: Tom will use his passion for, and experience in, rehabilitation engineering to serve children and families with disabilities in a full-time role. And most importantly, use the relationships formed from this to share the good news of Jesus Christ.
As a family we have prayed and have been given peace about a relocation to Guatemala. Yes, we’ll be selling the house, leaving behind life as we know it, and getting our possessions down to just a few suitcases to relocate the (soon to be!) six of us to Latin America. We feel this is the best place to start this new arm of ministry in rehab(ilitation) engineering.

Sharing some joy with the kids in the Hope for Home ministry
as part of our visit.
My role won’t change as drastically as Tom’s. I’m still primary caregiver for our children and full-time homeschooling mom. This will just take place in a new land, culture, climate, and language. I will also continue doing nutrition consultation to community health ministries but expand to include many Guatemala ministries as well.  I’ll also be assisting in health clinics and sustainable agriculture projects. I’ve already begun providing consultation service to a missionary nurse in Guatemala who works in pre- and post-natal clinics. I look forward to sharing more details in coming newsletters.
But for now, we again ask you to pray. Pray if you, our dear financial and prayer supporters, will be willing to continue with us in missions. Will you continue on our support team as we transition to a front-line role and head into ministry in Guatemala to serve children and families with disabilities?

If you’re on board with this change in ministry, no action is required. Your support will continue to sustain us in ministry. We are still MissionGO missionaries, just in a new ministry role.
We’ll be sharing a lot more about this transition in the coming months, and we’d be delighted to answer any questions or concerns you may have. A letter of support from MissionGO is included at the end of this email.
In Christ:
Candice (and Tom and the boys)

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