Updates and Internships.

At the beginning of June, Tom transitioned back to working at the office. His summer intern arrived that same week and together they are continuing to make headway on the SonSetLinkTM monitoring firmware. Tom will be mentoring Nathan, an engineering student from Liberty University, for ten weeks as he learns about missions, ministry, and how he can use his professional skills to advance the Kingdom. Nathan is one of three interns we have at SonSet Solutions this summer.  If you are, or know of, an engineering student or young professional with a desire for using their professional skills in a similar way, our internship program is always looking for bright young minds to mentor.

On the home front we have fantastic news. William underwent the last of his investigative procedures in June, to explore why he has had such poor growth and abnormal metabolic lab values. The results of these recent tests are very encouraging! An endoscopy indicated there are no issues in the gastrointestinal tract, and the two most result blood tests had perfectly normal values (HUGE praise!). In addition to this, his symptoms, which have plagued him since the day of his birth, seem to have subsided.

With this, he has GRADUATED out of being an active patient of the metabolic and genetics team at Riley Children’s hospital. William is doing so well that his local pediatrician said unless something new arises, he doesn’t need to see William again until his routine visit around his 2nd birthday (that’s 5 months from now!). The GI team has said the same.
William has turned a corner, and although he is ridiculously small for his age with a history of wonky lab results for two (very serious) metabolic markers, he is a bright, spunky toddler who is crushing his milestones, and ceases to have poor test results. I attribute all healing and health to your prayers and our Lord’s grace and mercy. Thank you for rallying with us, loving us, and carrying us. Now please, praise the Lord with us, and celebrate his grace and mercy which we certainly do not deserve.