Update on William.

Last December our youngest, William, had just turned one and was facing serious health complications. He was admitted to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis with dangerously high blood ammonia levels, failure to thrive, and abnormal metabolism markers. Although this past year has had its challenges, the Lord worked a miracle in our son’s life.

What a difference one strange year and one BIG God can make!

This December we had a follow-up appointment with the pediatrician. Not only is William meeting all of his milestones, but he’s growing very well (five pounds in six months!), he’s officially shed the failure to thrive label, he shows no indication of metabolism issues, and all blood values are normal. Gone are the specialists, health concerns, and the plethora of doctors’ appointments – and we are left with a thriving toddler. Rejoice with us!

Thank you for walking with us during this challenging year. We are joyful to report that work at the Mission continues and we are grateful that the Lord has sustained our ministries through all the challenges of 2020. Thank you for your sacrifices that keep this team going.
Merry Christmas!