Do I hear an ECHO?

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UPDATE: For those of you that have been following Candice on Facebook, our littlest guy William was admitted to the state children's hospital in Indianapolis this weekend with some perplexing lab results that indicated a serious health concern. They did a bunch of investigations over the weekend, but sent us home today! The labs still look awful but William looks great. We'll try to figure out these mixed messages over the next few weeks. Thank you for your prayers, and please pray with us in thankfulness for wisdom for the medical staff attending to him.

Do I hear an ECHO?

Things have been busy since our return to Elkhart in October. Tom has been squashing (software) bugs in the next version of the SonSet® Radio. We want that device to work seamlessly for our partners once it’s in their hands. A number of revisions have been implemented based on feedback Tom gathered while testing it in Congo this spring.
Lots to learn at the ECHO Global Farm!
In late November we participated in an incredible international conference at ECHO Global Farm in Fort Myers, Florida. ECHO is a ministry that exists to fight hunger in the developing world by equipping field workers and missionaries (like ourselves) with knowledge, tools, and consultation services to increase agricultural production in areas with rampant malnutrition. Workshops ranged from seed banking of heirloom produce in tropical settings to using fruit trees to overcome poverty.
Some "appropriate technologies" that were on display.
A highlight of the conference was the appropriate technology fair, which was a demonstration of a variety of tips, tools, and products to increase production and reduce challenges inherent to agricultural production in tropical climates. We are grateful to good friends who allowed our family to stay at their property in Florida in order to attend the conference. The whole family enjoyed our time and learned a lot at the conference.
My excellent conference partner.
As we wrap up the year we invite you to rejoice with us for all the Lord has done in 2019. Thank you for partnering with us in missions. We look forward to taking on 2020 together.

Merry Christmas!

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