Life in the Congo

Rats run the hallways of our house at night, each morning we take malaria medication to keep disease at bay, and electricity is only available between 7:00pm-10:00pm on some days. Roosters crow at all hours the night, storms rage so powerfully they slam interior doors, and bug bites are just a given.

Welcome to the Republic of Congo!
Inpatients at Pioneer Christian Hospital enjoying the new and improved meals supplied by the feeding program.
We spent ten weeks in the Congo this past spring with a few main purposes: To improve the feeding program at Pioneer Christian Hospital (the one we set up two years ago, as you can read here and here) and to beta test equipment Tom has been working on at our full-time ministry at SonSet Solutions in Indiana.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this 3-minute video may be worth a million when it comes to how awesome God is and what He was able to accomplish regarding the feeding program during our time at Pioneer Christian Hospital:
Everything you need to know about the feeding program in less than 3 minutes!
Although my main focus was the feeding program, Tom’s role was much more varied. He was able to test some of the equipment he’s engineered at SonSet Solutions, such as this satellite-based vehicle tracker. He installed one of these units on a truck that does medical and evangelical trips out into the deep jungle. Often this truck is out of cell phone range and this satellite tracker, along with an SOS button, helps provide peace of mind for both those on the medical trip and their families back home who would otherwise not be able to reach them or know their location.
The satellite modem, installed on top of the truck, has already successfully tracked the truck through Congo.
Tom was also able to assist Radio Sango Kitoko (“Good News Radio”), a Christian radio station on the hospital grounds. Check out this three minute video for more on that:
Here’s a video detailing some of the work we did in the radio station.
Congo was exhausting, but very worthwhile. Thank you for your support so we could assist this incredible ministry in a variety of ways.

Now that we are back in Indiana we are tasked with transitioning to a new mission organization (Global Outreach Mission). Reach Beyond (who we have served with for the past five years) has stopped processing donations for us, so if you are on our sending team, all you have to do (if you haven’t done so yet!) is sign up at Global Outreach Mission here:
Lord willing, if all of our donors come with us, the transition between ministry organizations should be seamless. Our main ministries will remain the same, with an expanded international footprint.

Thank you for partnering with us in missions!