Baby Scatliff FAQ

Many have been asking for more details of our soon-to-be arriving fifth Team Scatliff member. Well, our baby BOY is due to make an appearance sometime during the beginning of December (due date: December 2nd). Yes, a third son! Yes, we are excited. Yes, a hat-trick is certainly a feat.

We know lots of great families in the “3-boy” club!
Unlike our previous two babies, we will not have the luxury of a parental leave when baby arrives. By legal status we are ‘self employed’ here in the USA and as such aren’t entitled to any sort of parental leave benefit.  SonSet Solutions (where we work on loan from Reach Beyond) has graciously offered us five days of personal leave. Additionally, we have saved most of our vacation days for after baby’s arrival (we get ten days total per year)… Which means we will have approximately three weeks to get our heads screwed on straight again and be back and productive in the office.
That’ll be easy, right? 
Thankfully both sets of grandparents are willing to come down to help during the transition of Tom going back to the office. I will also have to start back at work at the three-week mark, but have been offered the option to do so from home, which is a major blessing when simultaneously tending to a newborn’s nursing needs.
We will also continue to homeschool (although we may take an extra-long break around Christmas this year), assist our ministry partners, and communicate with our donors during this time… So maybe some extra prayers for us come December? And maybe forgiveness for delayed newsletters and response times in the new-year?

Our journeys in the next few weeks (Google Maps).
A long time in the car, but not too bad from a global viewpoint.
In late September we candidated for missionary support at a new-to-us church in Wisconsin. We now eagerly await the results from the congregation’s annual general meeting in November. If we are taken on as supported missionaries, we will reach our minimum required support – a first for us!
We are on the road a few times again this month visiting universities. Tom is part of the recruitment crew for SonSet Solution’s internship positions. This will take him south to Taylor University (central Indiana) and all the way east to the state of Virginia for Liberty University. Although these trips make for long hours in the car, we enjoy maximizing the opportunities to explore more of our host country.