Update re: Pioneer Christian Hospital

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A lifetime ago (or was it just 18 months ago?) our family was in the Republic of Congo for a few months to help establish a feeding program for inpatients at Pioneer Christian Hospital. In addition to the feeding program, we started a gardening initiative to help supplement the cost of the feeding program and provide a locally available, culturally acceptable, and more sustainable source of food. I am thrilled to provide the following update on these two projects.

The chapel building at Pioneer Christian Hospital, Impfondo, Republic of Congo.
A new full-time missionary has arrived at the hospital! Those with fantastic memories may recall Jesse Mitchell visiting us while we were still in the Congo. He is trained as a chef, has served aboard Mercy Ships, and has undergone Gardening God’s Way training (a program aimed at starting community gardens in developing areas). Jesse fell in love with the ministries of the hospital and raised the funds required to head back to Congo full-time and long-term. He is now there and has taken over as acting director for both the feeding program and the gardening initiative. I am greatly relieved that Jesse has taken over these programs and I have stepped back into a role of assisting him in not only keeping both programs running, but also improving, now that we have full-time hands on the ground at the hospital.
I am happy to report that the feeding program continues to run seven days a week to provide all inpatients with hot, nourishing meals. These meals alleviate each patient from needing to find their own food, and provides well-balanced meals in an area with rampant, chronic malnutrition.  
Additionally, when we left the Congo, the garden project looked like this:

Freshly plowed land in June 2017.
And now it looks like this:

Fresh, plump produce in July 2018,
tended to expertly by Jean-Pierre (a national).
I am overjoyed that the projects have been sustained! We are prayerfully considering returning to the Republic of Congo in the New Year to again plug in and assist in the various ministries of the hospital. The radio transmitter of Radio Sango Kitoko, the hospital’s Christian radio station, suffered great damage in a recent lightning strike and the hospital’s communication system and power supply have been intermittent over the past few months. Those issues alone will keep Tom busy for the duration of our stay. Dr. Joseph Harvey and family are set to return to Congo at the end of November and we are praying for the opportunity to go and assist in various ways. Please pray as we will first need to navigate the logistics of acquiring correct documentation for the newest member of our family’s team (set to join us early December).

Thank you for all you do so we can continue to serve in ministry. I hope this update is as encouraging to you as it is to me. Knowing we, together, can make a sustainable impact in an area of such need. Thank you for your sacrifices so we can continue to serve in missions full-time.

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Baby Scatliff FAQ

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Many have been asking for more details of our soon-to-be arriving fifth Team Scatliff member. Well, our baby BOY is due to make an appearance sometime during the beginning of December (due date: December 2nd). Yes, a third son! Yes, we are excited. Yes, a hat-trick is certainly a feat.

We know lots of great families in the "3-boy" club!
Unlike our previous two babies, we will not have the luxury of a parental leave when baby arrives. By legal status we are ‘self employed’ here in the USA and as such aren’t entitled to any sort of parental leave benefit.  SonSet Solutions (where we work on loan from Reach Beyond) has graciously offered us five days of personal leave. Additionally, we have saved most of our vacation days for after baby’s arrival (we get ten days total per year)… Which means we will have approximately three weeks to get our heads screwed on straight again and be back and productive in the office.
That’ll be easy, right? 
Thankfully both sets of grandparents are willing to come down to help during the transition of Tom going back to the office. I will also have to start back at work at the three-week mark, but have been offered the option to do so from home, which is a major blessing when simultaneously tending to a newborn’s nursing needs.
We will also continue to homeschool (although we may take an extra-long break around Christmas this year), assist our ministry partners, and communicate with our donors during this time… So maybe some extra prayers for us come December? And maybe forgiveness for delayed newsletters and response times in the new-year?

Our journeys in the next few weeks (Google Maps).
A long time in the car, but not too bad from a global viewpoint.
In late September we candidated for missionary support at a new-to-us church in Wisconsin. We now eagerly await the results from the congregation’s annual general meeting in November. If we are taken on as supported missionaries, we will reach our minimum required support – a first for us!
We are on the road a few times again this month visiting universities. Tom is part of the recruitment crew for SonSet Solution’s internship positions. This will take him south to Taylor University (central Indiana) and all the way east to the state of Virginia for Liberty University. Although these trips make for long hours in the car, we enjoy maximizing the opportunities to explore more of our host country.

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Working Visitors

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The buzz of summer interns’ enthusiasm, questions, and creativity has lulled as all ten of our students finished their internships and returned to their colleges or set off to find a career. Tom had the privilege of mentoring two interns in the Engineering and Development department this summer; an undergraduate from Handong Global University in South Korea and an undergraduate from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. His interns worked on different techniques for playing audio bibles on the SonSet® Radio and building a prototype of the next version of our water monitoring system. Although mentoring students has its added challenges and longer hours, the added enthusiasm and expertise to projects is certainly a perk. What a privilege it is to mentor budding professions in using their skills and passions in service for the Great Commission.

Tom and his coworker Tim mentoring one of the interns.
In addition to interns, we often have other visitors and ministry partners work temporarily out of our facility in Elkhart, Indiana. Earlier this year a ministry partner from South Africa used our well-equipped media lab to produce a video to raise awareness of the epidemic of human trafficking oversees as well as in our own backyards. The video was primarily used in North American churches and small groups to increase awareness and action on the issue.

Our South African partner sharing our media lab.
It is incredible how international SonSet Solutions (where we work on loan from Reach Beyond) truly is. In the first half of this year we’ve assisted 139 different ministry partners in 57 countries with equipment, service, consultation, and training. May God continue to bless SonSet Solutions, its equipment, missionaries, and ministry partners as we all work in the service of our Creator.
And you, too, as we all work together.

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It Seemed Impossible

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Last month we told you about the unrest in South Sudan and alluded to a refugee camp in neighboring Uganda where nearly one million South Sudanese have taken refuge. This camp, known as the Adjumani refugee camp, is home to Radio Usalama FM. This Christian radio station was established to bring hope, peace, and reconciliation through the gospel to those seeking refuge in Uganda. As the refugee crisis deepened and the camp expanded, SonSet Solutions (where we work on loan from Reach Beyond) helped provide equipment and technical support to extend the station’s coverage, allowing all within the camp to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Earlier this year SonSet Solutions sent two of our missionaries to the Adjumani refugee camp for a few weeks to further assist the radio station.

David Russell (president of SonSet Solutions, where we serve), speaking to the Radio Usalama FM staff.
During their visit the missionaries recognized that the signal of Radio Usalama was greatly diminished compared to its potential capability. At the station they quickly diagnosed the problem — a faulty connection between the transmitter and the antenna. This reduced the signal to a fraction of its original strength, resulting in a poor signal close to the station and likely no signal at all in outlying areas.
Fixing it required specialized tools, but they had none. The cable needed a new connector, but they didn’t have that either. They needed a sharp knife to cut the cable, but the best knife available was a very dull dagger. A fix seemed impossible, but God was working out his sovereign plan. Years before, one of the missionaries had worked at a company where he was taught how to connect cables just like this one without specialized tools. Because of that training, he was able to figure out how it could be done with no real tools at all. With much prayer and by fashioning what was available into makeshift implements (like sharpening the dull dagger on a nearby rock), they repaired and reconnected the line. The result was immediate and dramatic. A powerful signal was restored!  
The very next day, our missionaries participated in a distribution of solar-powered radios at a refugee camp in another district. As families turned on their radios, the Radio Usalama signal came booming in and the people were thrilled. God’s timing is marvelous. If the repair hadn’t happened when it did, the people would have had radios, but no signal. Now, instead of static or silence, they were hearing the message of hope loud and clear.

David and a Ugandan national listening to the new, powerful FM signal on a SonSet® radio.
High Adventure Gospel Communications Ministries, our partner ministry that runs Radio Usalama, is one of four partners that will be the focus of SonSet Solutions' 2018 SonSet® Radio Initiative. Through this initiative, SonSet Solutions hopes to distribute 10,000 SonSet radios to help these ministries expand their reach and deepen their impact in hard-to-reach places of the world. The first 1,000 of these radios arrived in Peru last week, and 3,000 more are due to arrive in the Adjumani camp this week.
Again, thank you for your support of our ministries. Because of your financial gifts and prayer, we are all able to be part of advancing the Gospel.
Article originally written by our co-worker Marla Bender and has been updated to reflect current status of the project.

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A Hunger in South Sudan

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As promised, here is one of the many stories of the international work going on at SonSet Solutions (where we work, on loan from Reach Beyond). This article was originally written by our colleague Barb Anderson. We think it's really cool work, that we get to be involved in too. We've updated it a bit to reflect some really positive developments in the story that occurred since the original publication.

After 55 years of guerrilla warfare, South Sudan is experiencing a desperate hunger for the word of God. Ninety-five percent of the rural South Sudanese are illiterate, as warring factions have destroyed the educational system. Starvation and ravaged homes are the plight of people today in Southern Sudan with refugee camps among the largest in the world (more on our work with a Sudanese refugee camp of near one million people in Uganda coming in next month’s newsletter).

Favour Africa's radio station in Juba, South Sudan.
National pastors and Ugandan missionaries face execution by the opposition, yet are zealous and aggressive in sharing the gospel and love of Jesus. Whole villages are turning to Christ as the truth of the Bible is taught. The passion of these believing leaders is for Africans to reach Africa.

Radio broadcasting from the capital city of Juba is able to speed up the process as messages can reach an estimated 1.2 million villagers, refugees, and prisoners at one time. Our partner Favour Africa Inc., having already established a radio station in Gulu, Uganda, prayed and worked for several years to see a radio ministry begin in Juba, South Sudan. They purchased the land, built the building, and obtained the necessary licenses. SonSet Solutions provided the equipment needed to establish the new station in Juba in addition to equipment for an existing station in Gulu which is already proclaiming a voice of healing, hope and salvation through an on-air Bible school, trauma counseling, health education, teaching, worship, family and children’s programs, news, and more.

We helped with the equipment. God brought some wonderful national staff.
“Progress on South Sudan’s first 24/7 Christian radio station is well underway!” wrote Favour Africa Founder and Director Carole Ward. Thanks in part to the SonSet Solutions Broadcast Services team, it is indeed now on the air. Speaking of both the Gulu and Juba stations, Carole exclaims, “What else could take His Word so far into unreached areas, to places where there are no roads? Dangers or war zones may stop the overland movements, but nothing stops the Word from penetrating the skies!”

Please pray with us for the South Sudanese Christian leadership who, though suffering trauma and deprivation themselves, are willing to give their lives to reach their own people with the gospel, no matter the cost. Please also pray that the radio equipment will be maintained for years to come and many will be reached with the Word.

We are honored to be a ministry partner in advancing the gospel in this way and we pray that you, too, feel part of the team that is working to advance the gospel worldwide. Thank you for your prayers and financial sacrifices so we can partner in ministry together. God is doing great things.

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Expanding Our Home by 2 Feet

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The past few years have been full of house projects – renovations, long-term house guests, flooded basement… But we've got a new kind of project going on now. We’ll be expanding our home by two feet!
Scatliff #5! (Image from babycenter.com)
Yes, Scatliff #5 will be joining our team the beginning of December. We are just as shocked as you are (ha!) and look forward to meeting who else God has in store for our family.
Working with an intern on improving the audio quality in the next-gen SonSet Radio.
At work, Tom is mentoring two engineering students this summer. They’ve joined SonSet Solutions (where we work on loan from Reach Beyond) for a 10-week internship. The internship offers an opportunity for students to use their engineering skills in missionary service and gain exposure to missions as a career option. Please pray for these students – we have 10 this summer – as internships prove to be a main avenue taken by students to becoming full time missionaries.

In the following few newsletters I’m going to be highlighting some international projects SonSet Solutions has been involved in this year. In the first quarter of 2018 we’ve assisted 96 ministry partners in 46 countries via equipment, service, consultation, and training. Yes, we’ve been busy! And I can’t wait to share some of those stories with you.

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Flown By and Flying Again

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April has flown by! We spent the month attending a homeschooling conference in Cincinnati, OH, presenting at Ontario Christian Gleaners' fundraising dinner in Cambridge, ON, and undergoing an interview with a missions committee in Baraboo, WI. We are thankful that our boys travel well, as we spent many hours in the car. Now, as we head into May, we are packing our bags again for a quick trip to Manitoba to attend and participate in a missions conference held at one of our sending churches (Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church).
Candice speaking to a gathering of 400 at Ontario Christian Gleaners' fundraiser.
On the home front we have exciting news! Our housemates, who have survived living with us in our home for the past eight months, have found a home of their own! They have achieved their goal of becoming first-time home owners, and close on their family’s first home this coming Thursday (May 3rd). We are very proud of their accomplishment. Although living together hasn’t always been easy, it certainly has been an enriching experience. I pray that all we’ve learned about living together in grace and humility will not be lost anytime soon.

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Before > After?

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Before... And after.
At 4:40 am, while we blissfully slept, the power went out. Without power, our valiant sump-pump stopped. This is the same sump-pump that had been keeping our basement dry during the record-breaking snow and rain accumulation in the Midwest. And while we rested, the basement filled with a few inches of water. When the power was restored at 9:00 am, the pump evacuated most of the standing water in our basement, but it was too late. The damage had been done. We had joined the thousands in our area with water damage.

We are thankful we were home when it happened (as we had just returned from Home Mission Assignment a week earlier!), we are thankful our insurance company has been easy to deal with, and we are thankful that we are able bodied and capable of doing the restoration work ourselves to undo the damage that was done. But it sure has added a bit of chaos to our arrival home.

Additionally, this adds a new element of challenge to having two families in one household. The finished part of the basement that we lost was my home schooling space, and the place where the boys and I spent most of our days at home. Again, I’m brought to thanksgiving: Our housemates are flexible and accommodating. We are treating these past few weeks (and a few more to come, I’m sure!) as establishing a new normal, just in a bit of a smaller space. 🙂

Tom's five students this month.
At the office this month, Tom has been mentoring university engineering students that have chosen to spend their spring breaks with us. Over the course of three weeks, Tom mentored five engineering interns and encouraged them to consider using their skills, passions, and education in missions. May their time at SonSet Solutions have an impact on shaping their future.

May you enjoy your Easter weekend as we celebrate the resurrection of the Risen King!

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Water.. Gospel!

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We are home! We arrived home mid-February and are busy getting back to life in Elkhart. While we were away some exciting advances were made on the SonSetLinkTM remote monitoring system. Tom is part of the engineering team behind this system and one of his colleagues, Cody, and his wife, Emily, travelled to Kenya in January to test the effectiveness of this satellite-based monitor on India Mark-II hand pumps. The India Mark-II pump is the most popular water pump worldwide yet no current system exists to monitor it. Our engineers have come up with a solution to do just that.
For many in Kenya, depending an India Mark-II hand pump
like this one is just a way of life.
The ministry partner Cody visited in Kenya uses these water pumps as a door to establish churches in new communities. The partner first installs a water pump in a new community and begins to preach by it on Sundays. Through this sharing of the Gospel lives are changed and people begin to come to Christ. As this continues, a church community is established and a church body built up. After a while a leader is trained up to move to a neighbouring community to begin the process again, starting with a new water well. Through this process the Gospel is being advanced in remote areas of Kenya. We couldn’t be happier to help support this ministry by providing SonSetLinkTM remote monitoring systems to help our ministry partner keep tabs on the health of the water wells. You see, the communities where he is installing them lack the skill and equipment needed to fix them when they are broken. And because they are very remote communities, no cell service is available. Previously, the only way for our ministry partner to ensure his wells, which are his lifeline in establishing the church and maintaining a relationship with the community, are functioning properly is to visit them. However, travel to do so is burdensome and time consuming.
Cody installed the equipment, and showed the villagers how to maintain it and install the next ones.
With the SonSetLinkTM remote monitoring system installed, the partner can easily check the health of wells with his cell phone and spend more of his time on ministry.

Now that’s using technology-based solutions to advance the gospel worldwide!

In Other News...
On the home front, the story is Water... Damage. But that's a God-story, too, of our local church walking with us and bailing us out. But that's a story for another day.

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Getting our dose of Vitamin “Eh!”

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Yes, we are still in Canada finishing up an eight-week tour of updating churches and supporters. We’ve spent most of this time in the Manitoba area, but the last two weeks we’ve ventured west across Canada spending time with people in Alberta and British Columbia. We are now on our way back to Manitoba and encountered our first real Canadian winter storm of the trip.  We are thankful the weather has cooperated up until this point! Tonight we will wait out the storm in a hotel until we can get back on the road and continue on to Manitoba.
The snow forced a "timeout" in our travel plans. 60+ km/h winds are no fun!
This coming Sunday, our last Sunday on home mission assignment, will be spent speaking at a new (to us) church in Brandon, Manitoba, sharing our story with an adult Sunday school group. On Tuesday, February 6th, Candice will be sharing with the women’s Coffee Connection group at WEFC, a church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We will depart for Indiana on the 7th. Between now and our departure we will continue to meet with supporters and friends.
Last time we visited our supporters in BC vs. now!
This journey has been one of incredible blessing: Not only have we had the honor to share what the Lord has done, but we’ve also been encouraged and loved on. I must admit being on the road for so long has its challenges, and the kids are ready to head home, but our prayer is that we will finish well during these last few days.

In Him,
Tom and Candice and the boys

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