casa_de_feIf you felt compelled to do something different with your life, would you do it? What if it meant leaving the comfort of your home and the financial security of your job, would you still? We have long weighed these questions and in the end, for us, the answer is a resounding “yes”! We responded “yes” to a short-term mission trip to Cambodia as fiancées, and “yes” again to serving for nearly a year in Latin America as marrieds.

Saying yes to serving the poor and underprivileged has played a large role in our relationship. In fact, we first met while volunteering at a food bank. These experiences in missions plus our passion for reaching out to the developing world has often lead us to consider saying “yes” to devoting our lives to full-time long-term missions. And we’ve done just that!

We (Tom, as an engineer, and Candice, a nutritionist, along with our little family) have teamed up with Global Outreach Mission (GOM), to advance the Gospel around the globe through media, healthcare, and clean water projects. Previously, we had served in similar capacities with Reach Beyond / HCJB Global.

parasite_presentationWorking through GOM, we are based at our partner ministry SonSet Solutions in Elkhart, Indiana. Tom serves full time as an engineer working with technology that will be used in the developing world.  Candice balances long-distance support of health care workers in the field and taking care of our family on the home front.  We also have opportunities to serve overseas in outreach projects, with Tom assisting in equipment installations and training sessions, and Candice putting her nutrition expertise to work for local-led health care projects.

We are excited and overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to make this our life’s work.  As a non-profit organization Global Outreach Mission tasks us as missionaries to fund raise the amount required to sustain us as a family serving full-time. So basically, we are here because of awesome people supporting (prayerfully and financially) the work we do.  In order to sustain us in the work we do, we are in need of more on-going supporters (monthly or annually). Please check out the Join the Team page to see how you can be the answer to much prayer.


Tom and Candice Scatliff