Month: August 2014

So one of the great projects I get to work on is a monitor for water pumps. This is an amazing (to me) graphic from Credit: ( 780 million!!! That’s ridiculous (and not in the funny way)! Something needs to be done about this. Here at the Technology Center, we’ve begun partnering with […]
While doing some research at work today, I came across this:    Very thought provoking and sobering. I’m keeping this in my back pocket for an ice-breaker or group activity in the future. Just wanted to share, in case you could use it too.
Driving to work this morning a Matthew West song came on the radio, and the lyrics hit HOME. This to why we are here. And it was a perfect reminder for me. Tom and I have always said, if those who are willing and able don’t do something, then who will? We are so thankful […]