Hello from Here! Scatliff Newsletter Summer 2014

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We have arrived... Praise God! After two years of support raising, much prayer, and whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears, we are here in Elkhart, Indiana. The weather is hot, the people are friendly, and we are excited to be getting down to work!

pump_monitorAt the Technology Center, Tom is spending most of his time on a water-pump monitoring project. A team has developed a solar-powered pump that can provide clean water to remote communities. These pumps send data (re: water flow, amount of sunlight, depth of reservoir, etc.) via satellite that can be used to monitor the well and detect problems with the pump. Tom is developing the web site that collects and displays this satellite data. A few members of the team are in Ecuador this week installing the pumps in remote communities; Tom is excited to be the one back at the office receiving the data.

I (Candice) am the Technology Center’s Community Health Consultant. It is a new position and I’m excited to develop it.  I’m in the office Wednesday afternoons, and while I’m there Tom is home with the boys (and vice-versa). It’s an arrangement that works well for our family, which has been through so many transitions over the past few months.

For now, we are staying with friends while we search for a home. We have been so blessed with the amount of help we’ve had during this transition – from packing up our place in Montreal to landing here in Elkhart - but, to be honest, it hasn’t been easy. We definitely underestimated the emotional toll this move would have on us. We miss our Canadian friends, family, church family and community. I know with time we will settle in and call Elkhart ‘home’, but right now life is still in transition and we are yearning to be settled. If you would be willing to pray with us for peace in this transition, we would really appreciate that.

We’d also love to hear from you. Our email address has not changed (candice.and.tom@gmail.com), but our phone number has (574-355-3635) and our temporary mailing address is:

23370 Spring Creek Trail
Elkhart, IN

family_summer_2014Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Without you we simply would not be here. And although we are here, we are still in much need of support. Please shoot us an email or follow this link if you are interested in sustaining us in the work we are doing.

If you would like more frequent updates on our journey, follow the blog portion of our web site (candiceandtom.com) or friend us on Facebook (Candice Scatliff). Otherwise we’ll keep sending these quarterly updates.

Enjoy your summer!

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keepin’ on, keepin’ on

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We are still here! Settling into life and getting deeper into our service opportunities here in Elkhart and at the Technology Center. We moved from one friends' house to another this past weekend and will remain here until we secure our own place. Yes, one day we won't be living out of suitcases! (Or so I keep telling myself). Lord willing that will be by the end of August. Possibly sooner. I'm trying my best not to get antsy, but to wait on The Lord's perfect timing.

When we arrived in Elkhart we started 'church shopping' and attended Sugar Grove church as our first church here. We haven't tried another church since! It's great to have a community that we are getting to know and they have a great children's program that the kids can attend each week. Having something like this as a constant in their ever-changing lives is invaluable.

My parents came to visit for a few days last week while on a road-trip vacation out east. I'm looking forward to seeing them on their return trip through. We will also be blessed with an opportunity in August to spend time with a group coming from Winnipeg Evangelical Church to camp in a nearby town. It very much helps feel like 'home' when people come to visit!

But for now we will keep on keeping on. Settling into our new life and adjusting to living on this side of the border. I look forward to sharing with you more details about what's happening at the Technology Center once they become more solidified. But for now, I'll just leave it as: God is so good!

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Hiho, hiho, it’s off to work I go! 

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Two weeks ago I (Candice) started work to the Technology Center as well. I'm the center's Community Health Consultant and couldn't be more thrilled about it.

first day at work

First day at the office!

It is a new position, so it will take a lot of development, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm excited to be back at work using my education and experience to help others.  It's also pretty awesome to have adult conversation and the opportunity to use a different part of my brain.

For the time being, I work Wednesday afternoons. And while I'm at work, Tom is home with the kids. Our little boys have been through so many transitions and changes lately we feel that this offers them the stability and security they need. This also means that Tom and I get to desk-share. Considering he's there when I'm not and vice versa, it works out well. Although I'm pretty sure it'll get old having your wife tidy up your desk during the hours you aren't there 😛

If you are part of our praying team, I ask you to join me in asking for guidance in developing this new position. I'm sure I will be in need of much wisdom, patience, and persistence as this new position is developed.

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it’s 12:52am, my phone is buzzing frantically

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I open my eyes. Flashes of light fill the room.

Rousing from sleep I'm confused why it's my phone buzzing that woke me at such an hour and not the kids.

Curious, I flip it over:

Tornado warning in this area for 1:00am.Take cover now. Check local media.


It's 12:52am. I jolt out of bed, all of a sudden taking notice of a siren that's screaming outside.

Flashes of lighting illuminate the house. Thunder rolls. I wake up Tom. We scoop up the kids and head to the bedroom in the basement. Jonathan thinks its fun that we are all cuddled in a bed together. He promptly falls back asleep. We previously convinced him that thunder's purpose is to help people sleep.

The storm arrives in full swing right on time. Phone buzzes: Warning extended until 1:30am.

The storm that ensued had even this prairie girl a bit nervous.

And just as it arrived on time, so did it subside. At 1:30am, all was calm again.

Welcome to summer in Indiana.

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