Month: June 2014

This is the day we’ve longed for, worked towards, prayed about, and dreamt of. It was a bitter sweet moment this morning when we all kissed daddy goodbye. We have had the incredible blessing of us four being together most days for most of the day since Matthew came barreling into this world late October. Thanks […]
It’s almost been two weeks since we’ve arrived in Elkhart. For the time being (and the foreseeable future) we are staying with a friend who has graciously taken in us four (noisy, sticky, mess-making) Scatliffs. Our days have been filled with administrative stuff (obtaining social security numbers, applying for new insurances, establishing a new banking […]
Today marks one full week of being in Indiana. This past week has been far more emotionally challenging than I ever anticipated, but thankfully the past few days have drawn us back to what matters and I’m reminded as to why we are here. As I head to bed tonight, I’m clinging to words of […]
In the middle of all the stress and running around, trying to find a house to call home, a car to take us around, a community to be family, and all the admin of social security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, cell phone plans……… Sometimes God swoops in and does some mighty, inexplicable work through […]
On Wednesday afternoon my mom, the kids, and I flew into South Bend, Indiana, the nearest airport to Elkhart. Tom and his dad (who drove the uHaul truck and arrived the night before) met us at the airport with the rental car. And just like that… After two years of support raising, lots of prayer, […]
This is it! We are, literally, going now!!! After an amazing crew of friends helped us pack the uHaul truck on Sunday, June 1st, Tom and his dad rolled out of town Monday morning – Elkhart bound! The kids, my mom and I are hanging back at a friend’s house to allow the guys a […]