every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

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This is it. Our last night in the place we've called home for four years. The place we scooped up in a heartbeat when we returned from serving in Ecuador. The place we brought our first child home from the hospital to. The place our second son surprised us by arriving while we were still at home. This is it. Our last night.

I've always had a love-hate relationship with this place. So it's suiting that this past week I've been choked up while excitedly packing to leave.

I'm really looking forward to this giant leap of faith ahead of us.  As Tom summed it up for me yesterday in a much needed packing prep-talk: We are daring to follow our dreams, and babe, this. is. it. We're going! Let's GO! 

But tonight, tonight I'm putting the excitement aside for a moment and allowing myself to grieve. Its a feeling that needs to be felt. We are leaving where we've called home, moving away from a place where we have amazing friends, departing from a community where we fit in.

"I'll miss you" feels like a gross understatement right about now. But don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled we're going.

new beginning

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All Systems GO!!!

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This past week has been a BIG one for us! We traveled to Elkhart, Indiana for an important fund raising event last Saturday and this past Wednesday we traveled to the border again to have our visa applications adjudicated. The Lord walked ahead of us for both of them! The fundraiser was an awesome evening and on Wednesday our visas were GRANTED! Praise the Lord!!

We are now ‘all systems go!’ for heading off into full time service at the Technology Center in Elkhart, Indiana! We start the move on June 1st

The next 14 days are stuffed with preparation for our international move. My head is spinning with all there is to do and all the decisions that need to be made. We are also desperate to see everyone before we head off. Thankfully a few awesome ladies from our church have graciously offered to host a pot-luck farewell breakfast for us on Saturday, May 31st, from 9:00-11:00 at Lakeshore Church. So if you are in the area, we’d love to see you there!

Also, please join us in a happy dance and praising The Lord!


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it’s time to move it!

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It's time to take a giant leap of faith. We've given our landlord notice that we are out June 1st.

Yup, June 1st.

No, we don't have our visas yet. Those will come, Lord willing, in the 3rd or 4th week of May. Considering we won't have a home within a week of that date, THAT is where the giant in 'giant leap of faith' comes in. Don't wory, I'm sure someone will take us in if it doesn't go as we planned. Right? Riiiiiight?

Anywhoo, we are busy sorting, packing, and getting our butts in gear. Oh, and also preparing for our trip to Elkhart next week!

So, if all goes as planned, we leave Montreal on June 1st and head to Elkhart. Moving into our friend Kathy's house until more permanent digs are found.

Praise the Lord we have a plan!

moving truck

Sooo... Who wants to come help on June 1st?

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