Month: February 2014

                                We are THRILLED to announce that we’ve surpassed 80% of our funding needs! We are incredibly thankful for all the opportunities we’ve been granted to share about our ministries and our needs… And even MORE thankful for those who […]
As we pulled out of the terminal on the Greyhound bus, both Tom and I with a small child on our lap, the lady beside me asked where we were from and where we were going. I doubt she expected the answer to be so complicated. We were leaving Vancouver on our way to Kelowna, […]
Our current situation is a little bit up-side-down and very much the right way up. It’s very busy, yet wide open. And I haven’t quite figured out how to explain us in 2 sentences or less… You know, the kind of response you need when the person next to you at a potluck asks “So, […]