Reach Beyond!

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After many years of operating as HCJB (in one form or another), the ministry is changing its name. In 1931 Clarence Jones, Reuben Larson and others started station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador.  The radio and healthcare ministries they initiated way back then continue to live on today.

I’m super excited to tell you that HCJB Global is now Reach Beyond, with the motto: “The Voice and Hands of Jesus. Together.”

HCJB was, and Reach Beyond is, about equipping and empowering our national partners to do the ministries that God has called them to do.  With this model of missions, we are recognizing and respecting our national partners the incredible skills and abilities that God has given them to reach their own people. In a difficult embrace of this model, the organization has also given the radio station that started the whole thing, HCJB AM/FM of Quito, Ecuador, to the Ecuadorian nationals -- and along with it, the radio station's call letters, and our (former) name.  We will continue to partner with HCJB radio, but it is now in the hands of the Ecuadorians, who are best able to minister to their own people.

Through your faithful effort, you help us “reach beyond” our comfort zones and perceived limitations to take the gospel to the unreached and serve those in need.

Be sure to visit the organization's new website at to learn more about the fresh presentation of the vision that Clarence Jones and so many others established in years past.  And please be sure to pray that God will continue to multiply efforts so that His name is declared and glorified among the nations!

Questions? Let us know! We'd love to answer them 🙂

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In His hands…

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Candice and I are in the middle of a mountain-top moment right now... It's an amazing place to be. I'm writing this down, as much to share it with everybody, as to record it so that I'll remember when times are tougher.

We've had to place ourselves in God's hands, as we've begun our (final?) stretch of deputation. We are heading out June 1st, and need to find about 20 families between now and then who are moved to support us financially, to complete the team.

We're we're trusting God to open doors, and oh boy, has He ever! 3 out of the last 4 weeks we've had time in front of congregations, in Winnipeg, Dauphin , and MacGregor. We've been blessed to speak to a bible study group a few dusts ago in Victoria, BC, another in Vancouver on tomorrow, another the next week in Winnipeg. Two churches have offered us pulpit time in February.

We are living in a house that has been loaned to us for our stash in Manitoba, people are lending us cars to get around everywhere we go. God *must* be moving in these people's hearts, because we just couldn't convince them to do that if we tried!

A couple of days ago, in MacGregor, we had the whole service to present what we feel God has laid on our hearts, to a whole new bunch of people. We didn't even ask anybody for the time... A friend of Candice's asked us to join them. God must have been moving on her heart, because it was exactly what we needed, and didn't know how or who to ask. And what a welcoming response from people who didn't know us from Adam! They were such an encouragement to us on our journey.

The week before, we spoke in Dauphin, at a men's breakfast and a church where we've seen the hand of God at work every time we get to attend. So cool!!!

The kids have been great, turning into nomads. I'm especially impressed with JJ, sleeping in so many different beds, meeting so many different people, and still being such a source of joy for us all. And Matthew, just going with the flow in a way I never expected a two-month-old to be able.

So many people, making so many amazing sacrifices to make this happen! We are so blessed to get to represent this team, and get sent by them to do God's work. May God bless them all in the ways that only He can, with peace and joy, and rewards in Heaven.

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