Fall 2013

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Presenting the newest member of our missionary family… Welcome to the team, Matthew Adrian Scatliff! Born on the morning of October 28th

On the support-raising front we have had an amazing autumn. Our home church, Lakeshore Evangelical Church, undertook a support drive with a goal of $10,000. An incredible anonymous donor offered to match, dollar for dollar, the support received.  We are floored and humbled that the goal was not only reached, but exceeded! The combined amount launches us much closer to our support-raising goal and covers our outgoing expenses.

DSC_0217 (2)_20131023164530239 copyThis fall we also welcomed (with grateful hearts) more monthly supporters to the team. We are now only about 25 monthly/annual supporters (families, individuals, or churches) away from being able to head to the field! So close!

We are in Montreal for only a few more weeks before heading west. After spending Christmas with our families we will continue our support-raising journey in Manitoba for a few months. An incredibly generous and thoughtful family in La Salle, Manitoba, has offered us their house and car for our time in the area. We could not be more thrilled to have a place to call home and a place to host friends while in the area.

We are eager to speak with anyone who may have an interest in hearing our story and joining us on our journey. If you know of a church, family, or pastor in the Manitoba area that may be interested in hearing more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  And when we say the “Manitoba area”, we mean within about a 1,000 km of Winnipeg.  We’ll travel if we need to!

Major prayer item: Visa application! We have embarked down the road of the visa application process to work out of the USA and are understanding that this is (yet another!) item we need God’s hand on. Please join us in petitioning to the Lord for all to occur in His timing.

Looking forward to catching up with all of our friends and family as we head back west, and sad to be preparing to leave Montreal all everyone here who have been so amazing to us. We’ll trust that God is walking ahead of us, and do our best to follow his lead.

Inline image 1Tom and Candice Scatliff

Home phone: 514-797-8388
Email: candice.and.tom@gmail.com
NEW! Web: www.candiceandtom.com 

HCJB Global-Canada 3-44 Saltsman Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7

Make cheques payable to HCJB Global. Please print on the memo line: 4110555

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Manitoba moments

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We've arrived, settled in, and have had a wonderful Christmas with our families.



We now look forward to continuing our support raising journey and are leading off with a bang!

Sunday, December 29th we will be speaking during the morning service at Winnipeg Evangelical Free Church and hosting a meet and greet afterwards in the Fireside room.

Saturday, January 4th, Tom will be speaking at Grace Bible Church's men's breakfast in Dauphin and we will be presenting our mission during the Sunday morning service on the 5th.

Sunday, January 12th we will be at Westend Community Church in MacGregor, Manitoba

From Monday January 13th to the 23rd we will be near the west coast, visiting family and friends in Victoria, Vancouver, and Vernon, BC.

We still have 3 churches to set dates with and possibly an additional 3 churches to meet with. We look forward to the busy January and it is our prayer that these church dates will result in meetings with families; to get to know congregation members and to share what's on our hearts.

Please continue to pray with us that the remaining funding will come into place and we WILL be heading to Elkhart for our June 1st start date!

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One-time gifts are beautiful

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As we approach year end, please consider making a donation to our mission fund! Not only will this get us to the field sooner, but also gets you a tax receipt!

HCJB Global is a registered charity in both Canada and the USA.


Call our head office to process a donation via credit card: 1-888-354-4252 (account #4110555)

Mail a cheque (4110555 in the memo line) to:

HCJB Global
3-44 Saltsman Drive,
Cambridge, ON
N3H 4R7

Or simply give securely online here (credit card or PayPal):


Call: 719-590-9800 (account #110555)

Mail a cheque (110555 in the meo line) to:

HCJB Global
PO Box 39800
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9800

Or give securely online via this link 🙂




Thank you for al of your awesomeness! Merry Christmas!!

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As we sat down to dinner at a dear friend's house the other night, our last meal together before heading west for support raising for an unknown length of time, I commented on the inukshuk statue she had on the table. I hadn't ever noticed it before.

My friend asked if I knew that they were for.

"Direction?" I responded.

"Yes, for navigation." She said. "Do you know why it's on the table?"

The candles flickered in the silence.

"So you know you'll always have a home here with us."

Cue watery eyes.


'They' told me the hardest thing about being a missionary is the constast goodbyes. As per usual, 'they' are right. These goodbyes aren't easy.


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Westward Bound

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In just 12 days, we head west! West to see our families (and introduce our son Matthew!), to celebrate Christmas, and to continue support raising.

We still have 25% of our ongoing support to raise and are moving forward in faith that this will come through - so much so, we are applying for our work visas to begin in Elkhart, Indiana this coming June! We are excited to see what God has in store for us as we head west and are eager to take on this next phase of the journey.

We will be calling La Salle, Manitoba home base for the next while, living in a house a gracious family has offered for our stay. Our phone number, email addresses, and FaceBook accounts remain the same though, so you know how to reach us!

So far on the itinerary is a gathering at Winnipeg Evangelical Church at the end of the month, a meeting in McGregor mid January, followed by a trip to the West Coast. We are eager to add to the itinerary and would love to see you if you are among the awesome people of central or western Canada.

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