Leaving on a Jet Plane

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Today we are off to Manitoba! We are headed out to Dauphin first. We have a meeting lined with with the pastor from Mountain View Christian Assembly on Saturday, and a time slot for speaking at Grace Bible Church on Sunday morning. May these opportunities be glorifying to God and fruitful for our ministry. 

After a few days with my (Candice’s) side of the family we will head back to Winnipeg where we have an awesome line up of friends and family to share some time with. The weekend will be packed with a family reunion and we return on Sunday the 7th. 

We are very much looking forward to this trip! We haven’t seen the majority of our families since Christmas and won’t again until next Christmas. May our travels be safe and our time be well spent! 

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Summer 2013

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Inline image 1More eager than ever!  That’s how we feel returning from our road trip to Elkhart, Indiana. We visited the Technology Center, where we will be serving, and learned about projects awaiting our arrival. Tom is excited about diving into radios, power systems, and digital media, using his engineering skills to help build God’s Kingdom here on earth. I am looking forward to getting involved in water projects using my background in parasitology, and nutrition in community development projects.

We are eager to go, but need to be sent!  We’re incredibly grateful to those currently on our support team– your prayer and financial support mean everything to us!!  And we are eager to meet with those who may be interested in partnering with us to reach our final goal. Once we reach 100% of monthly funding we are headed to the mission field. Our current goal is to leave in January 2014, as a family of four. We need YOU to help us reach the mission field by:

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And yes, you heard that right. Family of four! We are expecting our SECOND SON(!!) to arrive late October. We couldn't be more thrilled. Praise the Lord for how He hears our prayers! Because the fourth family member increases our support needs, we are back to 49% despite gaining a few more donors over the past few months… So we need your help now more than ever to reach our final goal.

We are eager to go, but need to be sent!


Inline image 1Tom and Candice Scatliff

Home phone: 514-797-8388
Email: candice.and.tom@gmail.com


HCJB Global-Canada 3-44 Saltsman Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7


Make cheques payable to HCJB Global. Please print on the memo line: 4110555


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Mini Road Trip

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This Sunday after church we are off to Ottawa for a day trip. Meeting up with new friends and checking out the Museum of Science and Technology. It’ll be a great mini-break before gearing up for our super busy trip to Manitoba later next week. 

On the to do list before heading out: Finalizing and sending out our quarterly newsletter, meeting up with a few supporters, and hopefully hitting 50% before we board that plane. 

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Spilling the Beans

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Tomorrow we are setting up a table at our church BBQ with the theme of ‘Spilling the Beans’. We’ll be serving coffee and letting people know how they can help us reach the mission field: 

  • Spill the beans, by telling your church pastor/missions committee about us and providing them with a church info packet about our ministry. 
  • Spill the beans and spread the love by hosting a gathering of friends and family to hear about our upcoming endeavour. 
  • Spill the beans by taking a few of our brochures and handing them out to those who may be interested in the work we’ll be doing
  • Spill the beans! - and receive a gift of coffee from us as a taken of our gratitude. 


But you don’t need to be part of our church BBQ to Spill the Beans. We need EVERYONE on board to tell others about our mission. We, literally, need your help to make it the mission field. We want to go - but need to be sent! 

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