Month: May 2013

Today we received another member onto our monthly support team. A&A, we love you and thank you for your support!!! It is exactly people like YOU that we need to make it to the field. God bless you!! We are one step closer…
My thoughts are far less technical than Tom’s, but just as passionate. I loved our time in Elkhart. The reality of us moving there and working at the Technology Center was so real I could taste it. There are so many cool projects underway (from water-pump design for community development projects to use of cutting-edge […]
So, I’ve been playing around for JJ’s whole nap today on Google Maps APIs. My other browser window is searching for ARM-based Arduino clones. This may or may not sound interesting to you, but to me this is gold! You see, I’m a geek… But a geek who sincerely wants to use his skills and passions […]

Visit to Technology Center 2013
We are here:  And are enjoying our time getting reacquainted with the team and learning about all the exciting projects they have currently underway. From stories of fresh water pumps in Africa to radio ministries in Asia and everything in between, there is a lot happening. We can HARDLY wait to join in on the work. It […]
Today we begin our journey to visit the Technology Center in Elkhart, IN! After a few days on the road, I look forward to updating you with the current happenings, interesting projects, and future prospects for us in Elkhart. We are very excited to visit, but will be more excited to head there permanently  Pray with […]
The weather has turned unbelievably wonderful these past few weeks and we are ready for summer! Play dates at the park, family bike rides, and ice cream have been filling our days.  We continue to meet with families and churches in effort to expand our sending team. We are still hovering around the 50% mark […]