We need YOU to help us stay in the mission field!

To be straight-forward – we can only stay in the mission field for as long as we have funding. We are very excited to be here, and it is our desire to remain here, but missionaries can’t just ‘stay’, they need to be sustained! We are extremely grateful for those already on our prayer and financial team, and could not be here without them, but are in need of approximately 16 more individuals/families willing to partner with us, via monthly or annual financial contributions, to complete our team and be sustained here in the field longterm. All donations are tax-receipted by our organization, Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global), which is a Canadian and US registered charity. The follow are ways to help us reach our goal:

1. Support Us

You can become a sustaining monthly supporter, or give a one-time gift, securely online: Follow this link if you are in Canada (please use drop down menu at the bottom of the page and select Tom and Candice Scatliff 4110555) Follow this link if you are in the USA

2. Tell a Friend About Us

We’ve spoken to pretty much everyone we know – so now we need YOU to put us in touch with people you know! Have someone in mind that may be interested in hearing our story or is interested in missions? Send them an email of introduction for us and let The Lord lead from there. We are: candice.and.tom@gmail.com

3. Tell a Few Friends About Us

Have a few people over to provide an opportunity for us to share about our ministries with a few of your friends, neighbours, and family members. It doesn’t need to be complicated – pick an evening, invite guests, and let the Lord do the rest. Simply put, this is one of the BEST things that you can do to help put us in the mission field.

4. Tell a Church, Pastor, or Leader About Us

Know of a leader, pastor, or regular attendee of another church? Put them in touch with us so we can continue to build our network and share about our ministries.    Let us know if you can help sustain us the mission field by doing one (or all!) of the above!