Slowly but surely, we ARE getting there!

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We just received our month-end report from the Canadian head office. It's always exciting to receive the report. It states where we are at financially and, Praise The Lord, it often contains a few financial surprises we weren't expecting (for example, someone sent in a form for a donation that we didn't know about and thus wasn't previously included in our records or calculations = excellent news!).

As of this morning, we are 89.5%!!! Praise. The. Lord!!!!!

In order to head to the field, we need to have 100% of our financial needs covered for our first term (3 years). And people, we ARE getting there!! Of the 100%, currently 67.5 is pledged on-going donations (monthly or annual contributions - these are so super awesome!) and 22% is one-time gifts divided over the term of 36 months. One-time gifts are, indeed, beautiful.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We ARE getting there!



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a chaotic, awesome, scary, stretching, amazing, beautiful haze

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It's now been almost three months since we packed up and took a leap of faith. Leaving the comforts of home and living out of suitcases in  order to find the remainder of our support team so we can head to the mission field.

In the past three months we've seen some pretty amazing things happen. We've been stretched, to say the least. But it has been so incredible. I've been brought to my knees, I've been moved to tears, brought to places I would have only dreamed of reaching... And find it really hard to even begin to describe this journey and how awesome it's been. I want to write it all down to share with you, and to remember later when miracles may not seem so evident. But I also need sleep. And to play with the kids. And make dinner, clean the house, host guests, write follow-up emails, help prepare presentations, pack (for the 657th time), and do more laundry. So I find myself staying up late every once in a while to try and type out something blog-worthy that lands up coming out as nothing more than a stream of consciousness. And here we go again, I see.

I can hardly believe that the six-week-old that we left with is now four months old.  My little toddler turned three this past weekend and has grown out of most clothes that I packed for him three months ago. I'm overwhelmed with feelings like we are truly living by being pushed to the limit... While simultaneously plagued with guilt that my kids feel most at home in their carseats these days.

I feel like we've been doing this forever, yet still don't have a clue as to what we are doing. I feel like it will be forever before we get to return to our home in Montreal (albeit temporarily) yet shocked to think we only have six weeks left. I'm amazed at how much our sending team has grown (we've moved from just under 60% at year end, to now just over 87%!!!) but anxious to find the remaining 13%.

We are so blessed to be supported by so many amazing people and can't wait to find out who else will be on the team! Here's to the next six weeks 🙂


For those of you praying with us on this wild ride, please keep the following items in prayer:

  • Patience yet persistence during this time of deputation
  • Wisdom and patience in parenting while being so transient
  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm as we enter this final stage of support raising to reach the mission field
  • That The Lord will bring forth the remaining 13%
  • That we will be granted visas to work in the US
  • That our sons will adjust well to returning to Montreal (after being surrounded by so much family)

Thank you to all who support us, in so many different ways!

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Crazy, crazy… Look who’s passed 80!

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We are THRILLED to announce that we've surpassed 80% of our funding needs! We are incredibly thankful for all the opportunities we've been granted to share about our ministries and our needs... And even MORE thankful for those who have responded in a supportive manner!

We are now eagerly searching for the remaining 20% of our sending team so we are able to hit-the-ground-working this coming June.

--> Click here to get involved and help make this happen!

--> Click here to hear more about what we will be up to.

Our primary need is new monthly supporters.  On-going support (such as monthly or annual) is what frees missionaries to focus on the work they need to do, instead of being preoccupied with adequate funding. However on-going support isn't an option for everyone, and in those cases one-time gifts are beautiful. We are so thankful for everyone who supports in any way.

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Two Exciting Announcements : Scatliff Newsletter Winter 2014

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Family on FerryAs we pulled out of the terminal on the Greyhound bus, both Tom and I with a small child on our lap, the lady beside me asked where we were from and where we were going. I doubt she expected the answer to be so complicated. We were leaving Vancouver on our way to Kelowna, but from Montreal and temporarily stationed in Winnipeg, ultimately trying to reach our (eventual) destination of Elkhart, Indiana.

Full-time support raising has been quite the journey, to say the least. God is providing many opportunities for us to share our story and our needs. We’ve been speaking at churches, small group gatherings, and Bible studies. Although being on the road and living out of suitcases has its challenges, we’ve found this time to be quite encouraging and rewarding. We are anxious to see how the Lord will provide for our remaining support needs.Please pray with us for perseverance, wisdom, and patience as we continue this winding journey. Also pray that the Lord will continue to open doors to provide for our remaining financial needs.

In other news, we have two exciting announcements!

#1 : We have a tentative start date in Elkhart, Indiana of June 1st! We are excited and just a wee bit nervous to be submitting our visa application within the month. It can take up to four months to be granted a response, so we ask for your prayers for a miracle: for us to be granted work visas for the USA to start, Lord willing, June 1st.  On this same note, we cannot leave for the field until we have 100% of our funding in place… So if you’ve been thinking about supporting our ministry, now is the perfect time!

#2 : Our organization is undergoing a name change! HCJB Global is now "Reach Beyond". Although the name is different, our job descriptions do not change. Websites and promotional material are currently being updated to incorporate the new name. Let us know if you’d like more info on the change or feel free to check out the blog post about it on our website.  The Canadian HCJB Global site will be updated in due time. Thankfully, the name change requires no administrative changes… If you are a monthly supporter, everything will be handled automatically, you’ll just start getting receipts from “Reach Beyond”.

Luggage in Chuck the TruckBeing on the road means we are missing our friends, family, and church family. We’d love to hear from you! Please shoot us a note to let us know how things are going and how we can be praying for you, too. Also, if you know of a church, pastor, or small group that would be willing to hear our story please be sure to let us know!

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He says “So, tell me about yourself!”

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Our current situation is a little bit up-side-down and very much the right way up. It's very busy, yet wide open. And I haven't quite figured out how to explain us in 2 sentences or less... You know, the kind of response you need when the person next to you at a potluck asks "So, tell me about yourself!"

We are Tom and Candice and we are on a journey heading into full time missions. Our destination is Elkhart, Indiana. We will be serving with Reach Beyond... Which was formerly (as in, like last week) HCJB Global... They have two main focuses: Media ministries and health care. Tom is an engineer and I'm a nutritionist and we both feel passionate about reaching beyond our comfort levels to improve the lives of those in need. So really, Reach Beyond is a really great fit. So about a year and a half ago we began lining up our lives to (eventually) leave our jobs, leave our home, and leave our life as we knew it to relocate to Elkhart, Indiana to work full time as missionaries serving at the Technology Center. Tom will work on radio, media, and fresh water projects. I will be a consultant (by distance) to health care and community development projects and take care of the family on the home front. As resources and opportunities allow, we will also travel to field sites and assist in these projects in the field. Reach Beyond works in over 150 different countries.

So the above is about as short as I've gotten it so far. But the next question usually requires nearly as complicated of an answer: Where are you from?

Tom and I were both born in Manitoba (Canada). Tom's from Winnipeg and I'm from Dauphin. After we were married in 2997 we moved to Montreal and have called that 'home' ever since. During our time in Montreal we served on a few short term missions - 6 months in Costa Rica and 2 months in Ecuador. The experiences of those mission trips led us to the path we are currently on. About a year and a half ago we started the (daunting) climb of finding our support team to head into full time missions. You see, to be missionaries with Reach Beyond, we need to find our own support (ie - a team of people willing to financially support the work we will be doing on an on-going basis to cover the financial cost of being a missionary. This includes a living allowance, health insurance, contribution to Canadian Pension Plan, etc). This is no simple nor small task. As you could imagine, all those add up for a family of four. Which takes us back to the question of 'Where are you from?' Because after a while where you are, there are no more opportunities to tell your story, your mission, and your needs. So you need to move on. So after about a year of support raising in Montreal we packed our bags and took a leap of faith... Laying our needs, our desires, and our family in God's hands.

So currently nowhere is home, but also our home is everywhere. We are following any and all opportunities to speak about our mission and our needs and letting the Lord provide as He wills. It is our desire to be in Elkhart to start work on June 1st (of this year), but we are waiting on miracles to make that happen: We still need to find the remaining 20% of our funding, secure visas to work in the states, and over come some logistics of moving our family there.

Thankfully we get to rely on God for all of it.

He has taken care of logistics (everywhere we've been, someone has offered us a vehicle to use WITHOUT us asking!), finding us supporters (we ARE 80% of the way there!!!), and places to be (in the past 2 months we've spoken at multiple events in 3 different provinces). We've been connected with families, churches, and small groups that I never thought possible. He has found us a home in the midst of this awesome chaos we currently find ourselves in. So we are riding this wave. This awesome, stretch-us-beyond-our-limit wave. And trusting. Trusting Him with everything in our lives - our needs, our desires, our future... even our precious young sons... And are confident that we will end up where we need to be when we need to be.

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Reach Beyond!

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After many years of operating as HCJB (in one form or another), the ministry is changing its name. In 1931 Clarence Jones, Reuben Larson and others started station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador.  The radio and healthcare ministries they initiated way back then continue to live on today.

I’m super excited to tell you that HCJB Global is now Reach Beyond, with the motto: “The Voice and Hands of Jesus. Together.”

HCJB was, and Reach Beyond is, about equipping and empowering our national partners to do the ministries that God has called them to do.  With this model of missions, we are recognizing and respecting our national partners the incredible skills and abilities that God has given them to reach their own people. In a difficult embrace of this model, the organization has also given the radio station that started the whole thing, HCJB AM/FM of Quito, Ecuador, to the Ecuadorian nationals -- and along with it, the radio station's call letters, and our (former) name.  We will continue to partner with HCJB radio, but it is now in the hands of the Ecuadorians, who are best able to minister to their own people.

Through your faithful effort, you help us “reach beyond” our comfort zones and perceived limitations to take the gospel to the unreached and serve those in need.

Be sure to visit the organization's new website at to learn more about the fresh presentation of the vision that Clarence Jones and so many others established in years past.  And please be sure to pray that God will continue to multiply efforts so that His name is declared and glorified among the nations!

Questions? Let us know! We'd love to answer them 🙂

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In His hands…

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Candice and I are in the middle of a mountain-top moment right now... It's an amazing place to be. I'm writing this down, as much to share it with everybody, as to record it so that I'll remember when times are tougher.

We've had to place ourselves in God's hands, as we've begun our (final?) stretch of deputation. We are heading out June 1st, and need to find about 20 families between now and then who are moved to support us financially, to complete the team.

We're we're trusting God to open doors, and oh boy, has He ever! 3 out of the last 4 weeks we've had time in front of congregations, in Winnipeg, Dauphin , and MacGregor. We've been blessed to speak to a bible study group a few dusts ago in Victoria, BC, another in Vancouver on tomorrow, another the next week in Winnipeg. Two churches have offered us pulpit time in February.

We are living in a house that has been loaned to us for our stash in Manitoba, people are lending us cars to get around everywhere we go. God *must* be moving in these people's hearts, because we just couldn't convince them to do that if we tried!

A couple of days ago, in MacGregor, we had the whole service to present what we feel God has laid on our hearts, to a whole new bunch of people. We didn't even ask anybody for the time... A friend of Candice's asked us to join them. God must have been moving on her heart, because it was exactly what we needed, and didn't know how or who to ask. And what a welcoming response from people who didn't know us from Adam! They were such an encouragement to us on our journey.

The week before, we spoke in Dauphin, at a men's breakfast and a church where we've seen the hand of God at work every time we get to attend. So cool!!!

The kids have been great, turning into nomads. I'm especially impressed with JJ, sleeping in so many different beds, meeting so many different people, and still being such a source of joy for us all. And Matthew, just going with the flow in a way I never expected a two-month-old to be able.

So many people, making so many amazing sacrifices to make this happen! We are so blessed to get to represent this team, and get sent by them to do God's work. May God bless them all in the ways that only He can, with peace and joy, and rewards in Heaven.

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Fall 2013

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Presenting the newest member of our missionary family… Welcome to the team, Matthew Adrian Scatliff! Born on the morning of October 28th

On the support-raising front we have had an amazing autumn. Our home church, Lakeshore Evangelical Church, undertook a support drive with a goal of $10,000. An incredible anonymous donor offered to match, dollar for dollar, the support received.  We are floored and humbled that the goal was not only reached, but exceeded! The combined amount launches us much closer to our support-raising goal and covers our outgoing expenses.

DSC_0217 (2)_20131023164530239 copyThis fall we also welcomed (with grateful hearts) more monthly supporters to the team. We are now only about 25 monthly/annual supporters (families, individuals, or churches) away from being able to head to the field! So close!

We are in Montreal for only a few more weeks before heading west. After spending Christmas with our families we will continue our support-raising journey in Manitoba for a few months. An incredibly generous and thoughtful family in La Salle, Manitoba, has offered us their house and car for our time in the area. We could not be more thrilled to have a place to call home and a place to host friends while in the area.

We are eager to speak with anyone who may have an interest in hearing our story and joining us on our journey. If you know of a church, family, or pastor in the Manitoba area that may be interested in hearing more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  And when we say the “Manitoba area”, we mean within about a 1,000 km of Winnipeg.  We’ll travel if we need to!

Major prayer item: Visa application! We have embarked down the road of the visa application process to work out of the USA and are understanding that this is (yet another!) item we need God’s hand on. Please join us in petitioning to the Lord for all to occur in His timing.

Looking forward to catching up with all of our friends and family as we head back west, and sad to be preparing to leave Montreal all everyone here who have been so amazing to us. We’ll trust that God is walking ahead of us, and do our best to follow his lead.

Inline image 1Tom and Candice Scatliff

Home phone: 514-797-8388
NEW! Web: 

HCJB Global-Canada 3-44 Saltsman Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7

Make cheques payable to HCJB Global. Please print on the memo line: 4110555

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