Community Health Course

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As I wrap up my reports on Haiti and look ahead to the new year, I yearn to expand my knowledge in community health in relation to the Gospel. The distance course Principles and Practices of Community Health offered by King College addresses just that, and comes highly recommended by a colleague.

I would love to take this distance education course to be better equipped in a field I'm so passionate about. Would you be willing to help me do this? Would you consider investing in developing me as I help develop this new area of community development at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions)?  I'm required to raise the $600USD to cover the cost of the course - and every bit adds up! I am hopeful that year-end giving may result in a early new-year start.

Donations are tax receipt-able in both US and Canada. 

Canadians, please use this donate button:

American friends, please click here:



Thank you so much for your support!

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On November 28th I joined an awesome team of ten individuals and traveled to Cap Haitien, Haiti.


We served at a partner ministry, Kids Alive International, which is an orphanage for at-risk children in a poverty stricken area of Haiti. Most of the children in their care were orphaned in the January 2010 earthquake.

While there, each of our ten-person team put their personal passions and expertise to work.

We had six men with construction backgrounds. These men spent an entire week tying rebar, running electrical and plumbing, and tending to odd-jobs that needed work around the Kids Alive compound. With servants hearts and a strong work ethic, these men got more done in a week than I ever dreamed possible. (1) 


A colleague of mine at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions) is a nurse. She and her daughter ran a health clinic to assess all the children and house parents for visual acuity and overall health. 

I spent most the week running nutrition and health workshops for the orphanage's house moms (each mom runs a household that includes 10-12 orphans plus their own biological family), the school teachers, cooks, and the independent girls (those transitioning from living at the orphanage to living in the community as adults).

I am so thankful for the opportunity to encourage and support women who pour their hearts and lives into the children of Kids Alive. During the nutrition and health workshops we shared, we learned, we encouraged each other, we laughed, and we built relationships. I am forever moved by the courage of these women who have such great responsibility. It was a privileged to support them in this way. May the Lord protect them and keep them! (1) (1)


After nine days in Haiti, I left inspired, overwhelmed, encouraged, defeated, uplifted, and humbled. Haiti is a country with deep spiritual deceptions and health problems, but it is also a country of passionate and hard working people who want to be part of the solution.

Thank you so much to everyone who support us in prayer and finances. Without you I couldn't do such work with these incredible people. Please know that your investments in our ministries make all the difference. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart! (1)

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October (and now nearly November, too!) in review

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The month of October was a busy one for the Scatliff household. We spend the beautiful fall days settling in to our home, celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary and Matthew's first birthday. This season is one of joy and much excitement for us.
For Tom, this is also a season of fruition on the ministry front. The water-pump monitoring project that he spends much of his time developing is now also in action in Africa. Two trips to Africa were undertaken by members of the community development fresh-water team that Tom works on. Pump monitoring systems are now on numerous water wells (installed by a partner organization on the same trips). Tom glows with joy as he receives data from these pumps working in communities that have fresh water for the first time. As a colleague describes it: Fresh water can transform a community. Technology ensures it stays that way. It is amazing what can be achieved when Godly workers put their heads together for a greater purpose!
At the beginning of November I had the privilege of attending a Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. About a 5 hours drive (turned 7, due to construction) down the road the conference was both an inspiring boost to my ministry at the Technology Center (soon to be SonSet Solutions) and a wonderful get-away for the family. We are now in full-on preparation mode for my trip to Haiti later this week. My heart aches at the thought of being away from the boys for 9 days, but our goal in going - to better the lives of children without parents - helps keep things in perspective.
Thank you for supporting us in the work we do. Without you, we simply would not be here and these things would not be happening!

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Home! Scatliff Newsletter Fall 2014

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God answers prayers! Grinning from ear to ear, we took possession of a house on August 29th! It is in need of a lot of TLC, but we are taking on the task of applying elbow-grease with joy, for WE ARE HOME! Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for a home for our family.

At work things are getting busy and we are so grateful for the projects we get to work on. In addition to the water pump monitor project we mentioned in our last newsletter, Tom is also working on a low-cost, high-power electrical protection unit for our partners with radio stations in developing countries. One of the main reasons radio stations come off the air in these areas is equipment failure due to lightning strikes and poor power supply. This new low-cost protection unit will help guard against such fates for equipment and, ultimately, keep radio stations on the air.  It is a joy for me as his wife to see him use his passions and skills for such an awesome purpose.

I will be in Haiti at the end of November to work with Kids Alive International, a partner ministry of the Technology Center. Kids Alive operates a children’s village to care for Haitian orphans and a school and church for the local community. It is my desire that the Lord will use me to improve the nutritional status and health of the young children in their care. Tom will be manning the home-front with the kids (with the help of my mother) back in Elkhart while I am away.

And, for our biggest news: This season is one of transition at the Technology Center. After almost 30 years as a ministry of Reach Beyond, the Technology Center has been granted wings to become its own full-fledged non-profit organization, known as SonSet Solutions. The transition to this new organization occurs January, 2015. Although this means very little administratively for Tom and I – as we will remain Reach Beyond Canada missionaries on loan to a US non-profit – it means the work we get to be a part of can adapt more quickly to the ever-changing needs of our ministry partners. It also means that the center will need to support-raise for its own operating expenses and undergo a steep learning curve for operations. We pray for wisdom for our leaders and God’s provision for the center.

Your friendship and support are immeasurable in importance to us. Thank you for taking the time to catch up on what we are up to, please; have us do the same! Write or give us a call and let us know how you are doing. We would love to hear from you.

Tom and Candice and Jonathan and Matthew

59015 Azelea Court

Elkhart, IN




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Big changes for things to stay a lot the same.

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The center where we serve in Elkhart, Indiana, has been granted wings to become an independent non-profit organization called SonSet Solutions!!
Exert of the press release of Reach Beyond:

(Sept. 29, 2014 - by Ty Mays)  The board of trustees of Reach Beyond announced Thursday, Sept. 25, that the HCJB Global Technology Center, the ministry’s technology division based in Elkhart, Indiana, will become an independent, nonprofit entity called SonSet Solutions. The move allows the center to pursue new ministry opportunities while continuing to serve the technology needs of Reach Beyond.

For nearly 30 years, SonSet Solutions (formerly HCJB Global Technology Center) has been a ministry of Reach Beyond, providing radio technology, broadcast equipment and other engineering services to help spread the gospel to unreached people groups worldwide. The two organizations believe the move will be mutually beneficial, multiplying the impact of both.

“As technological developments continue to emerge at a mind-boggling rate and shape the world around us, it’s more imperative than ever that Christ’s followers seize the capabilities available to us for communicating the message of new life in Jesus Christ,” explained David Russell, president and CEO of SonSet Solutions. “The move by the board of trustees of Reach Beyond will help strengthen the church and engage more believers in God’s work.”


Although this means big changes; like learning how to operate as an entire organization, not just a ministry branch of a larger one, and finding the finances to do so; for Tom and I, things will stay pretty much the same. We are still Reach Beyond Canada missionaries serving at a US non-profit. We still get to be part of the same awesome projects while doing so. Elkhart will still be our home base and we get to serve ministry partners all around the globe from here. But now get to do so in a manner that is much more efficient and responsive to our partners' needs. And for this, we are thankful.

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Haiti bound

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It's official. I'm going.

No, Tom is not. Nor are the kids.

Yes. We are all going to be okay. Lord willing.

November 28th I, along with 13 other members of a work team, will be heading to Haiti for eight days of service. For Tom and I this is a fruition of our dream: To use our skills and passions to serve those in need. Although we get to do so from afar every day we work at the office in Elkhart, I am excited for the opportunity for some hands-on work in the field. While on the ground in Haiti I will be working at an orphanage ran by Kids Alive International (a partner ministry of the Technology Center).  My focus is to improve the nutritional status of the children in their care. Not only will I get the chance to work with the ladies who run the kitchen and the house mothers who care for the children at the orphanage, I will also have the opportunity to get involved in community programs that serve the community at large.

Tom will be man-ing the home front with the boys, whom we feel are too young to join in the effort this time. Thankfully, my mother is also going to help hold down the fort in Elkhart during my absence, which will allow Tom to keep working on his projects while I'm away. Yes, we are asking the family (including a nurseling who will be 13 months at the time) to give up mommy for 8 days. A husband to give up his wife. A Baba (Grandmother) to travel to Elkhart to help with the kids... But these sacrifices will be so worth it. And we are all called to make them:

"...look after orphans and widows..." James 1:27

Kids Alive International


Each member of the service team is tasked with raising the funds required for travel and in-country expenses. The cost for this trip is approximately $1,500. If you would like to help with these costs, that would be awesome! All donations will receive a tax receipt. Give easily (and securely) online:

--> For those in Canada, please click this button:


--> For those in the US, please follow this link!


We are also tasked with filling our second allotted suitcase with donations the orphanage is in need of. If you would be interested in shopping for some items to send down, please contact me for the list of items the orphanage is hoping for!

And, as always, prayers are required! It's our desire to make an impact during our time on the ground and, Lord willing, an impact with an eternal effect.


Thank you for your support!

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For the past 10 months we have been without a permanent residence. We've relied on The Lord's provision for a home for our family and made a million memories along the way. We are so grateful for the amazing friends, family, and supporters that we have and can lean on heavily at times of need. And now. After 10 (sometimes long) months, we are home. We can unpack the suitcases. Unpack the boxes. Unpack and set up a new normal for our children: Home.



On August 29th we closed on our family's first house. The Elkhart housing market is one of the most affordable in the entire USA. The market is so low that it is cheaper to own than to rent. Not even kidding. Unfortunately this scenario is a reflection of the local economy. The housing market crash took a double hit on Elkhart, where the major industry is RV manufacturing. When people can't afford their homes, they certainly aren't shopping for RVs. Which meant major job losses and a lot of people leaving town. So the housing market is flooded with homes that no one is living in, and often a mortgage that the owners can no longer afford. To say the least, it is a buyer's market.



We picked this one:

IMG_6237 (1)


She's terribly out dated and in need of a lot of TLC. But if there's one thing we've got it's elbow grease. We've been in the house for just over a week and already have many hours of wallpaper-removing, wall-puttying, sanding, priming, and painting under our belts. With LOTS more to come. But we work with joy. And extreme gratitude. We are so thankful. We are home.

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Clean Drinking Water: Reliable and Accountable

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So one of the great projects I get to work on is a monitor for water pumps.

This is an amazing (to me) graphic from

Credit: (

780 million!!! That's ridiculous (and not in the funny way)! Something needs to be done about this.

Here at the Technology Center, we've begun partnering with great organizations, to help them bring clean, safe drinking water to the people who need it. Our focus is to make sure that the water supply is:
a) reliable
b) accountable

We've developed a low-cost, satellite-based monitoring system. We can see, hour by hour, whether the pump is working, and how much water it is producing.

If somebody has the heart to install a water pump for a community in need, we can give them the data they need to tell when it is operating properly, and when it is broken, when it needs more capacity, and when it's *starting* to show issues. These all help make sure that the system is *reliable*, that the community can use it and count on it to provide them with the safe, clean water they need.

If somebody has the heart to sponsor a water pump for a community in need, they can see when it was installed, how well it's operating, and how many families it serves. They can see how many litres (or gallons) of water the pump has produced in the last day, week, year, etc., and the average cost per gallon for the project. These projects aren't cheap: the most recent installation was over $250 000. That sounds like a lot of money because it is. But: In the few short weeks since it was installed, the average cost per gallon has dropped to under $1. $1 for almost 4 litres of clean safe drinking water is a great price! Over the estimated lifespan of the pump, we'll see that number drop to less than a penny per litre!!! That's fantastic! And totally worth the investment!!

You can check out a sample community here:

This is our site for supporters and charities to log in, and monitor the pumps. The data you'll see is *actual* data from an *actual* community. To protect the privacy of the community, we won't tell you where it *actually* is, and we've anonymized the data. Nonetheless, it will give you a decent sense of what we're up to.

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